The Ship and crew

The Green Dolphin (Brigantine)
Stats: Acc/TS: 3/10, Toughness: 18(4), Crew: 12+20,
Travel Speed: 4(1), Cargo Space: 6, Handling: +2(2),
Guns: 12, Masts: 2, Ballisti: 2 (from the Skiff)
Cost: $30,000
Notes: Heavy Armor
Figurehead of Maneuverability (Dolphin) +2 handling
Figurehead of luck (Saint) + Luck
Magic Sails of speed +1 travel speed ,

Captain Baxter

First mate/Quartermaster: Tosas
Duties: After Captain, the most authority on a pirate ship had Quartermaster. As a Captain’s right hand, he was in charge when Captain was not around. He had the authority, and he could punish men for not obeying commands.
Quartermaster is also in charge of food and water supplies.
Ship’s Mage : DJ
Master Harpooner/Boatswain: Henry
Sailing Master:
Ship’s Carpenter FM Scurillian Equias
Treasury : 1898.5 pc 8

758 provisions (food and water total), Spear, 6 Short swords(Cutlass), some fishing gear
**Str. potion
50 cannon balls
40 shot worth gunpowder
*20 Cannonballs

Magic Sails of speed +1 travel speed ,
Figurehead of Maneuverability (Dolphin) +2 handling
All gear remaining on the captured Brigantine

Possible Articles of the Ship (up for vote)

) Everyman has a voice in all affairs.
) Every man had equal title to all fresh provisions and strong liquors seized.
) No gaming for money at cards or dice at sea.
) The lights and candles shall be put out at eight at night, and if any of the crew desire to drink after that hour they shall sit upon the open deck without lights.
) Every man must keep his gun, pistol, and cutlass clean and ready for service. If he did not, he would be cut from his share and suffer such punishment as the captain saw fit.
) To desert the ship or abandon quarters in time of battle is punishable by death or marooning. The marooned was usually given a bottle of water and some powder, shot and a pistol.
) If someone cheated the company of an article of value, he would be punished by marooning.
) If robbery took place between two crewmen, the guilty one had his nose and ears split and would be marooned.
) No women were allowed on board. If any man carried a woman on board disguised, he would be put to death.
) No striking another on board ship. every man’s quarrel would be settled on shore with sword and pistol. Quartermaster would accompany both to shore. The disputants were set back to back at 20 paces. At the command, they turn and fire immediately. If both miss, they take up their cutlasses.
) He that shall have the Misfortune to lose a Limb, in time of Engagement, shall have the sum of one hundred and fifty Pounds Sterling, and remain with the Company as long as he shall think fit.2
) The ship will receive 5 Shares of a prize so that repairs and good provisions can be made available to all the crew even when no good trades/prizes mayhap. Captain receives two-and-one-half shares in a prize, Lieutenants (Quartermaster, Ship’s Mage, Master Harpooner/Boatswain, Ship’s Carpenter) receive two shares. Ensigns receive one-and-one-half shares. Other officers one-and-one-quarter shares. Sailors, one share. If one lost a limb or became a cripple in the common service, one received more of a share.
) Everyone does what the Captain, Quartermaster or Ship’s Mage says.
) That Man that shall snap his Arms, or smoke Tobacco in the Hold, without a Cap to his Pipe, or carry a Candle lighted without a Lanthorn, shall suffer Moses’ Law (that is, 40 Stripes lacking one) on the bare Back or tender area of body in the case of a Scurillian ie.. legs.

The Ship and crew

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