Champions of Bhumant

Swarm of Octodeath

A day or two out from Azy Cay, DJ was swimming with his shark friend. (Am I the only one puzzled by that relationship?) Anyway, they disappeared under the water for awhile. Then DJ burst up onto the skiff sounding the alarm. We manned the cannons & ballista, but to no avail. Strange octopus creatures swarmed up over the sides of the ship, out of range of both. We tried to cut them down, but they attacked so quickly and repeatedly. Many men were knocked overboard in the fight. Only a few were downed on the ship itself, but by the time we killed off the invaders all those who had fallen overboard were truly lost. Cara & I were able to patch upmost of those injured who remained on the ship.

DJ & the other aquatic members of the crew were able to salvage treasure, but it cost us dearly. About a third of the crew in total, mostly the newer men, were buried at sea.

We will need to hire more men at one of the upcoming ports and this time they will be armed with spears and bows so we can keep other threats from reaching the deck.

Isle of the 4 winds
crap, that's a long way to sail!!

So we arrived at the isle of elementalists and there really weren’t any of note. I was disappointed, but, well, not surprised…. We were tasked with resetting the 4 elements and agreed to do so with some cash for those not normally inclined. Unfortunately this would take months if not years to accomplish, but meh, whatever…. We sailed on to make our fortunes and oppose the sea hags…..

To hunt a whale
Henry's childhood

When Henry was just a young boy, still with his father and family, it was tradition each summer from the first year he had learned to sail that he would travel with the rest of the family to the cold sea to help with harvesting the whales. At the age of 12 was the first year that Henry was invited to join the hunting team, even as a young boy though, Henry was a very strong boy, and after the first harpooner was pulled from the dinghy by the whale they were hunting, Henry stepped up to take the next throw. The harpoon hit hard, and after a short struggle the whale was finished. After his first kill Henry was regularly invited to be a harpooner on the hunts, learning to hone his skill with a harpoon, and getting better about where best to target the large creatures to take them down.

My First Bow

My father had never paid much attention to me before, so I was surprised when my father woke me early one morning and told me to get dressed and meet him outside. He had piled a couple of bales of hay up with a rather crude target tacked to the front.

He said that my agile hands had to be useful for something more than calligraphy and origami. He handed me a small bow and said I should give it a try. He pulled out a larger version, drew it and shot well within the target.

He walked me through what to do. I drew back the bow as far as I could and the arrow fell to my feet. I tried again and the arrow made it halfway to the target. I kept trying with random results and watched my father grow frustrated. Not sure how the sun had gotten that high, I was determined to get this right. I pulled the bow WAAAAAYY back and launched the arrow clear past the hay bales, much to the surprise of a nearby stable hand who nearly got skewered. I didn’t even have the courage to look up at my father to see his reaction. Before I could think about it too much I shut out the world, grabbed the last arrow in my quiver and shot. It wasn’t quite a bullseye, but my arrow landed closer to it than my father’s had!

He stared in silence for a moment. Was that good? Was he still upset about the stable hand? Oh crap, had I just shown him up with a better shot?

He patted me on the back so hard I pitched forward. “Now that’s more like it. Gather them up and we’ll go again.”

I was so proud. I clearly had to stop thinking so much and just act.

Kanaloa (DJ) and the pipe organ.
I was a young tadpole......

I was once a part of the great Naval alliance that sailed against the Sea Hags. I, along with many of my kin fought to defeat the Evil that has invaded our realm from the outside. When my fellows were destroyed and my ship rent from under me then did I know despair. I awoke to the sounds of a pipe organ playing. It’s haunting melody infused me and readied my frail corporeal self to return to the fight and attempt to save our plane of existence. I knew I was upholding my admiral’s quest to find a means to destroy the creatures that have almost destroyed our race. Unfortunately for the Sea hags, they failed to completely annihilate our race, thus leaving ME alive. I will never cease in my quest to destroy them and return our realm to equilibrium. To this end I have joined with the disparate beings that have, so far, proven themselves thorns in the side of the oppressive Sea Hags. As an aside, my earlier saving from the battle against the Hags has resulted in my becoming competent in the playing of the pipe organ/piano………..

Tosas (Interlude)
Captain Teddy

In remembrance to Captain Theodore Cambell Liverpool III;
Captain Teddy was the finest captain that I knew when I was growing up, Of course he was the first captain I ever knew, as rumor had it I was hatched out on the bridge of his ship the Mighty Nellie, at the base of the helm.. I stayed at the helm or by the helm for many days an nights, so many I forgot how many they were. Captain Teddy made sure I was trained and cared for, I was treated like his own linage, we were scrounging in the Flotsam Sea when something big slammed into the pieces of ships we were checking for stuff on, half the crew were smashed and gone in that second, then the second hit came a moment later, I ended up in the water and seaweed. I latched onto the only thing I could the helm wheel and the small pack of stuff by it that had everything that the crew had allowed me to have. I cried as the shinies, that I had been admiring when the first hit happened, rolled of my small kit and went into the sea, I tried and tried to catch some of them but they were like chasing a sardine that had a shark after it. I floated many days before I landed on a beach, I am sure it was north side of one of the Grey Isles. I was weak and starving, I passed out, after I woke I searched for food. found some meger foods and finally caught the eye of a passing ship that took me on, I worked that ship the best I could until they decided they didn’t need my company. and off I was again with my meger kit.
Never knew if Captain Teddy survived the crushing of the ship or not..

The Admiral's a DIck

We continued west toward Bluth’s Crown where DJ hopes to find knowledge or equipment to help with his magic. From there we’ll go north to Azy Cay where we hope to sell the skiff & cargo and enjoy some shore leave.

Along the way we saw a Galleon. This time DJ wanted to get ready for a fight before even getting close. I just don’t get that guy. Maybe it’s a Kraken thing? As they came closer they were flying colors of the British East India Company and didn’t appear predatory. Behind them on the horizon was a giant Man-O-War. We traded with the Galleon getting food and goods for the iron that was on our new ship. The Man-O-War had the Admiral. I forget his exact name. He pushed on board with his head up his ass and was extremely confrontational, especially when he saw Henry’s brand. Apparently he has a real thing against pirates. He examined our ship and each of us using some magic sword that declared us free of murder and piracy. Not sure how the pirate crew scraped through that one, but maybe I’m not the only one easily convinced. Anyway they moved on and we approached Bluth’s Crown.

We were attacked by 2 massive swarms of birds. We tried shooting at them with little result and have men down. I thought we did some damage, but one swarm just split into 2 smaller swarms.

DJ: Razorwings part 1
Birds are bad mmmkay?

The new crew seems to be working out well. I haven’t had to make examples of anyone yet. Baxter is showing an interest in actually running the boat! We were approached by a man of War, as there are only 2 on the ocean that I know of I figured it had to be Admiral Duckworth as I didn’t see any Kraken on board. The Admiral was a bit brusque, but allowed us to continue on our way unmolested (he did give Henry a thorough once over). As we proceeded onwards we were set upon by a swarm of Razorwings. I dispersed some of them, and some cannon shot took down others; however, there appear to be a LOT more. Scotty fell protecting me, but I did heal him up. Hopefully we will survive…….

Tosas; Meeting with the Admiral Duckworth
and living Session 7

After acquiring the larger ship and sailing further west heading to meet some more mages..
We encountered a couple large ships one of which was one of the Man-O-Wars that roam the seas. this one was the one that Admiral Duckworth operates on. As he is a known privateer that doesn’t let pirates go free I was concerned when he inspected our ship, cargo, and men. He placed his sword against each in the expectation of seeing if the person had pirating at heart, I figure if a man was truly a pirate and he did that the person would likely try to attack or run sealing their fates.
After the inspection and some minor trading we were given a letter saying we (ship, crew, & cargo) had been inspected and could go to port.
We started on toward Bluth’s Crown less than a day out we encountered a couple swarms of ugly little birds.
Opps had to duck, guess I better get back to killing the buggers.

Henry's Mind
"We're not pirates. But this was a pirate ship."

We’ve continued sailing for days it seems, with little interest happening after taking this Brig. The new crew seem nice enough for pirates, they know how to work at least. Fish and provisions are getting old, I could go for some fresh steak.

We’ve come across a fleet of ships, with a man-o-war. That Admiral came aboard, Duckfeet? Duckface? Duckworth? Something like that. He was kind of an asshole, and didn’t seem to like me much, without any good reason. He tapped me with his sword too, not a very friendly guy. At least he didn’t try killing any of us.

We’ve continued on our course after facing the Admiral but now a couple of flocks of some sort of bird are heading our way. This doesn’t look good.


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