Champions of Bhumant

(Comte) A friend's passing.......

We came up with a plan to wear the scouts uniforms, infiltrate the base, blow up the armory, and steal the horses back in the confusion. all that was thrown out the window as the guards at the SE gate were sound asleep. We walked in, hung a quick left, and walked back out with 45ish horses!!!! Our luck turned heavily in our favor as over the next several days we encountered a sneaky guide calling himself Strider who agreed to work for us and an out of work mercenary band of 10 swordsmen and 5 archers who signed on with us.

We made it to the border and there our luck ran out. We were held up on the Forlandian side of the border and had to accept aid from a squirrely fellow who overcharged and then betrayed us leading a band of assassins that sorely wounded thorn and Heinrich and Schultz. We managed to cross over to the Kennish side while being pursued by some kind of mech suited warriors.

Takeshi stayed behind under some sort of moral obligation to regain his honor. while I can understand this in theory, it seemed an unnecessary waste of his life. He fought bravely, defeating the first mech soldier and then, rather than escaping, charged forward and was beaten to death just before the unstable tech of the first mech blew a hole in the Forlandian outpost. He will be missed……

(Comte) Transport problems
I missed an entry last time

All was going well with the transport of the treasure. That is until we stopped one night about 2 weeks South of the Kennish/Forlandian border. Our horses spooked during the evening and went “home” to the nearest Forlandian outpost, a regional command center of some 500 troops. We had more bad luck and a foot patrol of scouts backtracked us to our camp. While we did dispose of the scouts that left us without horses and on short time as the scouts would surely be missed.

Takeshi Mori- Final Entry
So, we decided to try to sneak into the base and steal our horses back. Thanks to the guards’ lack of attention to detail, we were able to sneak in and steal more than our original horses back. We got a many extra as well. As it so happens, we stumbled upon a band of mercenaries looking for work. We made our way through several towns and cities, until we came across the final base in our way to Ken. We found ourselves needing a way across, but we didn’t have the papers required to get across the bridge and into Ken. A somewhat shady fellow approached Comte de Monet, offering him forged papers at the price of 1,000 gold. So, as midnight approached, we found ourselves at the appointed gate. Then, much to my lack of surprise, the fellow stepped out of the shadows and demanded that we give him all of the rest of our money. So, I stepped forward, and as his men came slinking out of the shadows, I immediately attacked one, killing him and cowing one next to him. The battle ensued. These men were deadly trained assassins, leaping from shadows, and raining death down from the roof tops. Three of our party, including Thorn, were struck down. Grievously wounded, but miraculously, not dead. Finally, we drove off the remaining few who didn’t fall upon our blades. Their leader swore his vengeance, then disappeared. Alarms rang out all across the base, our fight having raised the attention of the guards. Several heavily armored men, whom Swen referred to as Mecha Dragoons, lumbered out of the barracks’. They told us that our possessions were now theirs, and that our lives were forfeit. Our party leaped up on the backs of our horses and made for the gate, and the bridge that would carry us into Ken, and the safety of the garrison across the river. I stayed behind at the gate, to give my companions the chance to escape, for theses mechanized infantry were said to be fleeter of foot than a horse. As I stood in the gap, the sayings of the great Miyamoto Musashi came back to me: The way of the warrior is resolute acceptance of death. The only reason a warrior is alive is to fight, and the only reason a warrior fights is to win. I knew that my time had come to regain my honor. I knew that I was going to die. As I faced the oncoming warriors, one far faster and more dangerous looking leaped to the fore, challenging me in single combat. I knew one thing for certain: I was going to win. As he attacked, the speed and ferocity of his blows were nearly blinding. Then, once again, the words of Musashi came to me: If you do not control the enemy, the enemy will control you. I returned his blows with several lightning fast blows of my own, but I did not find weakness in his armor. I caught him off balance, however, as his next attacks were clumsy, even striking his own leg, hampering it. As Mushashi said: You win battles by knowing the enemy’s timing, and by using a timing that the enemy does not expect. I somersaulted my foe, landing several light cuts across his armored back. Again, I found no weakness. Again, I persevered. He turned, awkwardly striking at me. I batted his attacks away, gaining confidence and tempo. Now, I knew that I had him. I cut away at his left arm, and then his right, dancing between blows, parrying and dodging, never in the same place for more than a moment. I crippled this machine of war, and left it a smoking ruin. The man inside leaped from the back of it, and ran like a mad man for cover. Everyone gathered around ran for cover as well. So, I ran for the nearest Dragoon, and sliced into his belly. Then many soldiers, cavalry, and other mechanized infantry swarmed me. Too many blows to count rained down upon me, and I received wound after wound. As I finally received the crushing blow from the Dragoon, I knew that my life was over. My body was broken, and I would soon die. Yet, I felt something in that moment that I had not felt for a long, long time: Peace. As darkness clouded my vision, my final perception was that of a faraway booming, like a great cannon, and a flash of the brightest light, leading my way to the next life, a world without war, knowing only peace and tranquility.
Takeshi Mori Journal-Fourth Entry
So, now we are all filthy rich…but what to do about it? We have more money than we can easily know what to do with. The Comte has suggested that we go and store our finances in a Kennish bank. Perhaps we shall do just that. We repaired several of the traps in the cave, cleared our tracks away, and added false tracks leading elsewhere, just in case. We began traveling toward Ken, and one evening, the Comte told us of his past: His parents’ deaths, his raising by his uncle, the many and varied “loves” that he has in almost every town that he stops in. Interesting fellow, but perhaps a bit loose morally. We ran into a merchant along the road to Ken. By and far the most pleasant fellow that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He had a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Some of everything. He even had a tea set that I bought from him. Finally, I can bring a little culture into this party. Perhaps the Comte will learn what it is to understand the innermost self through reflection and tea ceremony. It would certainly help him put some of his rage to rest. We had the terrible misfortune of losing almost all of our horses one night. Someone forgot to tie them up properly, and they bolted. So, Thorn and myself tracked the largest group of them, only to find a large military base just over the rise. The horses quite obviously lead right into it, giving away the fact that there was something not quite right going on, what with 30 Forlandi horses just showing up out of nowhere. They sent out search parties, and one of them had the…bad luck of finding us. We dispatched them with ease, not even giving them the chance to raise the alarm. Now what to do about our horses…and the base housing them.
problems again

Well, we were making good time heading back to the area I normally roam, and then we lose most of our horses… so I track them to find out where the horses went. I found they had ended up at a military base, so I started stealthily trying to obscure the horse tracks, but I saw a tracker from the camp start following the tracks I thought I had hid.
so I knew we needed to take out the tracker and group as quietly as possible.
but the tracker snuck up closer to me and shot me, I shot him back and the combat ensued from there, after a short battle we were able top cut the tracker team down with out drawing unwanted attention from the camp.
now to find more horses..
I need to blend better in the shadows..

Bean's Journal Entry #3
The Ambush at the Cave of Doom

I have been plagued with bad dreams since I helped the group escape from the Forlandi military…Dream’s of blood, of mayhem, of murder……I know not what to make of it.

We had continued toward the treasure cave that Swen Wall says is further into Forland (A nation devoid of humanity, one run as a machine), we have already run into their patrol who tried to capture Swen, caring little for any collateral damage (namely myself and the others). So when the group decided to lay a trap for the bastards I readily agreed! As we were fleeing a patrol group found us and started chasing us, they loosed their arrows and one found my thigh, I nearly collapsed but fought through the pain and made it into the cave. From what I was told the enemy formed lines outside to bar our escape, and moved into position to charge us. I saw Swen shoot the first one to round the corner at us, Mori Takeshi fought valiantly when a miss step and sweep shattered his sword. Thorn and I waited for an opportune time to strike. I found one and jumped into the fray whist killing a few soldiers. A soldier nearly killed me with a backslash of his sword and I fought for my life. The next thing I know the Comte Armand De’Monet rides up and sticks a needle in my ass and I feel refreshed. As the other’s subdue the rest of the soldiers their captain pulls out an explosive device and nearly collapses the tunnel behind us. Only one of the enemies survived, one Lt. Heinrich graciously agreed to work for the Comte.

The next morning we went into the cave where we were attack by a horde of dog sized Scorpions, they fought hard but we finally won the day, as we went through the cave system we found the Scorpion brood queen and quickly dispatched her and found out way into the most elaborate treasure rooms any of us had ever seen. I found some knives and a small suit of armor that somehow fits perfectly. There was gold and jewels by the chest full, books and equipment, weapons and armor and one Sword in the Stone. I wonder what drove that weapon so deeply into the stone and why we couldn’t extract it from there? Oh well, I’m rich now…I’ll never have to worry about food again. That is enough for me!

Takeshi Mori-Third Journal Entry
So, where did I leave off? Ah, yes. The ambush. Strange term, ambush. In my experience, an ambush typically involves some element of surprise. Instead, we were pursued down a gully to a cave to make our stand. Our enemies were most persistent, and we couldn’t shake them. We took some wounds in our retreat. Not surprising, really. When one turns their back upon their enemy, that enemy was all of the advantage. Basic warfare. Anyway, we made it to the cave, but not before I clashed with a lieutenant of the opposing force. His skill with the blade was, quite frankly, astounding. I honestly did not believe that I would make it out alive. He delivered several cuts along my legs and sides, but nothing to permanent. I managed to withdraw from the duel to take cover in the cave. Again, my mentor would be ashamed of me. I could have faced death in glorious battle, at the hands of one who was obviously more skilled than I, but no. My cowardice creeps in again… We made our stand in the cave and I prepared to strike down some of the enemy foot soldiers. Then, as if to balance out my cowardice, I struck the cave wall in an attempt to strike the foot soldier in front of me, and my katana broke. My grief is now compounded a hundred times over! The only thing that separated me from the lower castes, the only token of my warrior past, broken in half at my feet. I felt that I should die. However, the rage of battle continued to build, and I took out my anger and frustration on one of the soldiers in front of me. The lieutenant came at me again, and I thought that I was surely a dead man now. I faced him in battle once more, only to have him crumple before me, under the thundering hooves of the great horse, and the (Surprisingly) lethally precise cut across the side of the neck from the rapier of the Comte. Perhaps I should reconsider this Kennish noble. He most definitely plays the fool, but beneath that there is a rage that I can sense. A quiet menace that threatens to erupt from the cool facade. Perhaps there is more to him than I had previously suspected. He has shown some prowess in combat, and certainly a lack of fear of battle, willingly diving into the midst of combat to crush foes, and aid friends. More on that later, I think. I have decided that this two sword style of combat suits me, and I will endeavor to improve my skills with two blades, and teach myself the way of Ni-ten-ichi, or “Two Heavens As One”, the style of fighting employed by the famous Miyamoto Musashi. This flowing technique will serve me well in both individual duels and open combat. We finished off our pursuers, and one of them decided to surrender himself to Comte DeMonet, and offer his services as a retainer. A wise choice, considering his circumstances. We proceeded to the cave where Swen found his treasure, and as we descended into the darkness, we were attacked by a large group of the largest scorpions that I had ever seen! We fought them, but several times there stingers found their way past my blade, and I fell victim to their terrible poisons. Were it not for the Comte’s timely intervention, I would have most likely died. After dispatching these, we eventually came upon the giant mother scorpion. Massive though she was, she didn’t land a single blow upon us, thanks in part to a timely shot from Thorn’s bow. We proceeded to chop her up handily, and then we came upon it: The greatest treasure that I had ever laid my eyes on. Gold, gems, jewels, armor, weapons, writings, the list goes on. A treasure in the truest sense, no matter what one placed value upon. Although the gold was dazzling, the greatest treasures that I found could not have shocked me more: A full Daisho and armor set from my native Nippon! Perhaps the gods were showing me that I had not yet fallen from grace as I had thought. Perhaps my ancestors had smiled upon me, and blessed me with their favor. Regardless, I knew that someone was looking out for me, and that my destiny had not yet been revealed. I had much greatness coming my way, of that I was certain. I had been given a new chance in life, and I wasn’t going to waste it…
(Comte) Ambush at the Treasure Cave
(and WE did the ambushing for once!)

(so I arrived a bit late as my folks took us out for dinner)

as I rounded the corner I saw my friends (yes, I suppose at this point they ARE my friends…. how odd that this group of misfits have turned out to be better people than the nobility I am accustomed to…..) were being oppressed by Forlandian troops. Takeshi was (as usual) wounded, as was Bean. Thorn was nowhere to be seen at the time though I (correctly) assumed he was lurking somewhere ready to pounce. I healed up Takeshi and slashed a soldier as Cheval crushed another soldier’s skull. I was surrounded, but Swen charged in and between the two of us we dispatched all the melee. Takeshi killed the Captain and the archers were swiftly disposed of with an Archer Lt. named Heinrich exhibiting great wisdom as he listened to me and joined our side (we also got 2 torch bearers/camp workers in the bargain!)

We camped for the night to recover and the next morning enetered the treasure cave. Some scorpions bugged us (get it) but we exterminated them (get it :) ) Inside the cavern was the greatest treasure I’ve ever had the fortune to look upon (and I’ve seen the banks of Paris!) there was an odd sword in a stone that none of us could remove (a mystery for another day) Everyone found items and weapons to suit them (even a lovely bow for Andreas). I myself found a pair of rapiers, a brace of pistols, and a suit of leather with a feather light breastplate of exquisite manufacture. We were about to leave and begin moving the gold out when I heard someone yelling from a small chest. Inside was, of all things, a bejeweled chalice that possessed intelligence! It agreed to serve as my cause was just (I know, how cliche!).

I have a plan to present to Swen and the others as to how we can, potentially, solve some of the issues that beset us……

and bugs

Well our planned ambush went fairly well considering we were out numbered by several, then once we got to the treasure cave we encountered scorpions, man they bugged us.. Takeshi kept getting knocked down and then healed enough to rise again, after a long fight the group finished the bugs off, I got to look at numerous ways that traps were effective as we went further toward the treasure. we found more treasure than we could carry out in a year. I found a few items that felt right for me and more money than I had ever dreamed of.

now if we can live to be able to spend it…

Bean's Journal Entry #2
The Case of the Murdered Man

After making short work of the Robber Baron (Le’Douche) Drayfus, we set out for a location that Swen Wall know’s about and no matter the questions he does not divulge the information requested…He just said that it is IMPORTANT that we go there. Know him to be at least a decent man (after all he did put his life on the line for the people of Skelside) I followed along. We had some difficulty crossing the River Elb at the bridge at Tauber as a recent flood had collapsed it. So we headed down towards Trier the large city at the delta of the Elb as we agreed there would be a higher chance of finding a bridge. As we journeyed down we met a ferryman who was just finishing up for the day and was going across to his home so he gave us a discounted rate. We had a short encounter with some wolves who I was able to keep out of the way, one particularly nasty one was able to take Thorn down and nearly sever his nads. Thankfully for the quick intervention of Content Not Found: null and Mori Takeshi they were able to save at least the appearance of them. As we were heading south-east into Forland we came across a man who had just appeared out of a depression in the local plains and headed away from us. To my great shame I saw Sven raise his long rifle and shot the man though the head for no reason but to do it (the man didn’t even see us). Takeshi quickly dealt a knock-out blow from the back of his exotic blade and laid low the man we had trusted to lead us to his mysterious location (I am beginning to like this foreigner). We looked into where the man came out of and found a small chest with a few hundred Florins (his meager life’s savings), we decided to take his body back to the nearest town with the money and find if he had a family. We found he had a wife and an unbelievable 10 kids, we gave her her husbands money and our condolences this caught the sheriff off guard as he did not interrogate us thoroughly. We continued onward and found out that our friend the murderer is also wanted by the Forlandi Military for an unknown (to me) reason, we were confronted by an armed Knight and his unit who came to arrest Sven, (I’m beginning to see a pattern here) Sven shot at the Knight with no prior provocation then “Halt, you are under arrest.” We were able to stay alive by some luck at alot of skill (this group is quite handy with their blades and guns (and bow’s) ). As some archer’s were firing from horseback and I can say is inspiration came over me as I ran and jumped between them whist slicing their throats before they had time to react (am I a monster? Or is this real life?). After the battle the Comte persuaded a man to join our group one Sgt. Andreas Schultz. When pressed Sven divulged why we are going further into Forland to plunder a cave of treasure…Shall I trust him or kill him? Time will tell.


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