Champions of Bhumant

Tron is stalling

We entered a forest (which we later found to be illusionary, must remember to gadgeteer Greater Mind’s Eye Goggles!). There we were jumped by vampire spawn. We slaughtered them fairly easily save one who flew away. This one was dragged back by Baragund and, to my amazement, re assembled itself using parts of the other vampire spawn! In the end there was a very tough, almost impossible to kill Vampire abomination. Fortunately Sister Mary J communed with her god and her ruler smote through the Vamp’s withered heart with holy wooden fire. The thing turned to ash and the forest vanished.

We made our way up almost to the battlements of Tron’s tower. Oh, some wandering bag of bones crossed our path about 1/2 hour prior to reaching the tower. I can only hope the tower itself falls as easily…… We shall see soon enough….

Comte: Battle with Were's
Where Wolf? THERE wolf!

Today’s event’s are punctuated by our finding the pass leading to Thrond’s citadel in the mountains. He sent a rather dedicated band of were creatures to dissuade us from our pursuit of him. We easily beat off (no pun intended!) the first wave of them, honestly taking things more or less for granted. The last Were was hauled aloft by Baragund to be dropped into a crevase. Unfortunately this creature managed to teleport itself to the remains of its fellows and absorb them into itself creating some kind of proto were. What followed was basically a detente where we beat the werewolf bloody and it regenerated and fought on. I eventually used the hair of Sum Yung Guy and had it detain the were. The hair advised me that a sacrifice such as sacrificing Graile would suffice to kill the were. I immediately discounted such a measure as Graile is his own being, not simply some “item” to be bartered and/or sacrificed! In the end the hair held the were and we proceeded on to confront Thrond in his own element. A thought that, quite frankly, fills me with fear…… Also, the fact that the hair called Graile a “lesser item” really kinda ticks me off……. I mean, this is my friend here, even if he IS a cup…..

Comte: Traveling
Walking in a Winter Wonderland

We traveled from the tower for approximately 2 weeks. We visited 2 local villages. We found a cart in which the people had been forced to eat each other and still died (we did bury and consecrate them). We met a very nice woodsman who directed us to a logger town. The logger had GREAT ale (95/100) and another woman cooked great food (92/100). We are now preparing to venture into the deadlands of probable vampirism as we have noticed the local flaura withering in unusual ways. More to come. It is colder than usual for this winter.

Comte: A Blasted Future World
The shit has really hit the fan!

So, we freed Bearnabus and were on our way back through the portal realms to the Barony. On the way we were warped to what we believe to be a possible future of our world. A world blasted by devastation and fire. A blighted realm with not a living soul save for an old friend Altair (the vampire slayer) who we had last seen captured by Thrond (the vampire overlord). Apparently something that Thrond did affected the timeline of our realm adversely. Now we have to try and figure out what happened and how to fix things….. In this blighted realm we found Altair had been turned and abandoned for all eternity with no food source. We staked him and are now at the past location of the Barony.

Comte: Last Absent Friend
How many times must we rescue people?

Once again we venture into the abyss to rescue one of our own. This time the Psychic Bear Bearnabus. Judged more worthy than the child/spy Bean he was being held by a lord of the flame demesne. Following paths shown to us my the mysterious wizard Dresden who imparted his knowledge to Graile we ventured forth into the paths between worlds. And once again we encountered the strange likeness to Takeishi that we had met before. I feel he is inextricably tied to our cause. As usual he proved his worth in aiding our endeavor. We fought our way through typical minor obstacles set before us by the ruler of this plane. finding ourselves before a large demonic being we proceeded to, as Dresden would say, “lay the smack down on him”. I sapped his vigor, Thorn & Swen shot him, our new companion the Nun Sister Mary J Wana smote him with heavenly force. In short order he fell before us.

Amazingly we found Bearnabus in fine health (98 roll out of 100) and proceeded to exit the area. For our next travel I would truly enjoy traveling to the capital of Bhumanti and presenting oursleves to the, reportedly, lovely and single queen of Bhumanti.


So, in pursuing the demons into their lair in search of their leader, I found myself overwhelmed, and I was rendered unconscious. Next thing I knew, I awoke, standing in front of Altair, of all people! I quickly realized that I was in the middle of a battle. At home in my comfort zone of combat, I saw that a group of men clad only in flames were running at and past me. So, I slipped my blade across the ribs of one of them. They began to generate some manner of psychic assault, but the one that I cut lost his concentration, and blew the minds of the others out. The two that remained were easily dispatched. After exchanging greetings with this same party of adventurers that I seem to continue to run into, they told me that one of their allies was held captive (Do they EVER not have an ally who is captured by demons?) by a demon lord of some strength. So, we walked right through the front gate and were confronted by four giant constructs. They also fell with relative ease, barely challenging us. So, as soon as we had dropped those, the demon himself appeared. Without a word of challenge, he dispatched two smaller minions and began stalking toward us. He also afflicted the Comte with a magical silence, which I found to be rather amusing. So, the small, quiet man named Thorn put an arrow in one of the minions, ending his life, and put another arrow through the head of the other one. Altair charged the monster, raking his sword along the armor on the demon’s side. One of the newer members of the party, a quiet, diminutive woman of prayer, boldly approached the demon, and blasted him with a bolt of magic, followed by the single largest blast of magic that I had ever witnessed, rocking the demon heavily, nearly knocking him from his feet. He didn’t look so good after that. Then the Comte rode forward, launching a pair of small, but deadly darts, which left the demon looking quite weak. I ran in, flipping through the air, and striking his head with both of my blades. I barely touched the ground, pivoting and leaping back and up, whipping both blades into his head once more. This felled the beast. We started discussing where their friend could be found, and I sat on the corpse, only to find out that the corpse wasn’t a corpse! The demon had regenerated itself, rising to fight again. The quiet archer pulled back his bow and buried his arrow in the demon’s eye, once again ending its life. This time we hacked it up, rending it limb from limb. It didn’t come back after that. Now, we move on to scour the tower for treasure and such. After that, on to the next fight!

Comte: Best day EVER!!!!
and I'm pretty sure the others had fun too!

So, did you ever have one of those days where everything goes right? Like the stars align to provide you with everything you not only wanted, but didn’t know you wanted until you had it? Well that’s my NORMAL day. THIS day was something special! My pure awesomeness somehow even rolled over to Swen, Baragund, Thorn and Zuchtengeist. Our barony expanded exponentially. I and Swen made good contacts with traders as well as visiting Nobles from Bhumanti (I made “special” contact with many of the attending Noble’s daughters (and a few wives and some of the younger mothers)) Baragund found a mentor in an Ancient Red Dragon that claims the Northern mountain range as his own (Boy, would Michael be PISSED!!!!) Thorn met a rather bedraggled Field Marshall of Swen’s acquaintance who comes begging favors (unfortunately Swen also got drunk and peed on the shoes of a Bhumanti Duke Wellington, I’m pretty sure the Duke would have had Swen drawn and quartered if he weren’t in our territory!) Oh, and to top it off, a Goddess has taken personal interest in my well being! (I’m fairly certain the Goddess is a sort of Aphrodite/Athena/Dionysius hybrid! She sent a very lovely messenger who I’m pretty sure was into me (though that part about me being dead soon was kind of troubling, I’ll have to look into that *side note, what does prolonged consumption of beverages exclusively from The Holy Graile do to one’s mortality?))

Comte: Battle's end and a jaunt to The Windy City
David read The Dresden Files! :)

After defeating Man Bear Pig I attempted to reconcile the Kenish army to accept their situation and surrender and swear allegiance to me. Unfortunately they simply wanted gold and didn’t want to earn it. Swen attempted to shoot the loudest & greediest protester and (he swears it was an accident!) instead shot me in the back of the head!! I doused myself with Graile in order to heal myself and the superstitious Kenish freaked out. At that point I gave up on converting them and we proceeded to terrorize them instead. Baragund burst into dragon form, Swen capped a few of them, Valya did an air burst and the army fled. Our Bhumanti visitors also left hastily advising us to simply mail the taxes from now on….

I fear their may be repercussions from this rather flamboyant display of power.

The next day we embarked through the portal on advice from our bartender sage to rescue Bearnabus. We sought a Sorceress named Margaret Lafey. While we did not find her, we did find another realm occupied by dark people with strange weapons. (I retained 5 of them on crossing the portal back. Rather unusual apparently). We also found her son, who imparted knowledge of “The Ways” into Grailes gem memory bank. We should now be able to begin the search for Bearnabus without marching through the demon held plane of fire.

Comte: Battle of 2.5 Armies!
We paid TOO much taxes?

Our group was enjoying some well earned RnR when our scouts reported an army of 1000 Bhumanti troops coming towards us. I found out we had, indeed, paid our taxes on time and with a little extra thrown in as usual. Shortly thereafter we received reports of a Khenish Army of 2500 approaching our border. This might possibly signal an invasion!

Alas it was nothing so grandiose. The Bhumanti force were simply curious as to why we were paying such large taxes. The lords in charge were conv iced that i was telling the truth and also shocked to learn of the invading Khenish army. We invited them into the walls and arranged a parley with the leader of the Khenish force. It was not invasion but simple GREED that drove the Khenish to us. They had heard of our wealth and wanted to take it from us. This, of course, could not be allowed! In the midst of negotiation I splashed Graile on the leader and he converted to a Were Bear and began attacking us, much to the consternation of the other Khenish leader.

Though the fight was difficult, we were victorious not only in defeating the Man Bear Pig, but also in driving off both the Kennish forces as well as intimidating the Bhumanti into leaving early the next morning. And Swen shot me in the head. It hurt. He apologized.

I could SO do this!



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