Champions of Bhumant

Wolf Bites
Pain for Thorn

After some trekking and collecting several pelts, the camp was attacked by wolves and a dire wolf, the wolves were not too bad of a problem, however the dire wolf found me and munched on my family jewels for my attempting to shoot it… it brutally tugged on my family jewels making me pass out, when I woke I was so very sore, there were needle marks on my jewels and I had a hard time walking or riding as a result of what ever I had incurred. I think I blocked out some of what happened, later we found a man that was shot through the head, we found his treasure stash and gave it to his family. found a group of soldiers that was wanting to kill Swen, we dealt with them, later we discovered we had been being tracked by someone… hope they don’t want to play with my jewels…

Bean's Journal
Finding Heroes!!!

I was traveling with the raiding band of the Skelside Rebels when we came across a wagon train with prisoners headed to the Baron Dreyfus’ castle. We set an ambush and executed it perfectly, I am proud of the group I came to love! After the battle we sorted out that the prisoners were nothing more than at the wrong place at the wrong time, They were captured because the soldiers thought they were with the rebels.

We convinced Comte Armand De’Monet, Swen Wall, Thorn and Takeshi Mori to take up the cause to bring down the robber baron. I joined with them to show the way and to make sure they wouldn’t betray us in the end.

As we made our way to the castle Comte Armand De’Monet talked us into an audience with the Baron Drayfus, after we assuaged his concerns the Comte seduced the Baron’s wife and learned of the plight of the villagers. He then roused them to overthrow the tyrant and we won the day.

Champions of Bhumant
Chapter 1

Rejected. Despised. Loathed. I have never been in a lower place in my life. My honor is lost. My life is meaningless. I have no purpose. Nothing left to try in my home country. They don’t want me there any more, and I don’t blame them. I have found myself captured, bound, and unnecessarily restrained by soldiers who captured myself and three others for no better reason than we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. These fools. I will not be treated like an animal, tossed in the back of a cart. I am not going to go silently, nor am I going to sit idly by while the only thing left to be in this world, my katana, is taken from me and given to some honorless peasant or lord. As soon as I get the chance, heads will roll.

(Comte) Regaining Consciousness

I slowly awoke to the rocking of a wagon. Trying to stretch proved impossible as my hands were bound behind my back. I looked around cautiously and saw others in a similar situation. One, a (insert french country name here) trapper that I knew from some clandestine dealings and two others that I had never met. Before I could ask any questions a guard walking beside the wagon clutched his throat as an arrow appeared in it!! One of my fellow prisoners was stabbed at but instead the soldiers sword was buried in the wagon. I seized the opportunity to cut my bonds and lept into the second wagon to retrieve my gear. the archers and my new friends quickly dispatched the guards. I patched up a wound taken by one of my new friends.

For some reason the local villagers must have thought we were big god damned heroes as they asked us to forcibly depose the local Baron. Obviously I was drunk as I agreed to the insane plan. Incredibly it worked! I even managed to kill a soldier myself as did Cheval, my superbly trained warhorse.

So, I suppose we ARE big god damned heroes…… You know, I rather like the sound of that!


I was minding my business when I was captured by a group of soldiers, stripped of my gear. after a time of riding in the wagon a group of archers removed most of the guards, I then figured that it was prudent to help save those that were in the same situation I was so I jumped one of the guards and kept him occupied for a time until he finally knocked me to the side and swatted me with his short sword.. I now own his short sword.
We were asked by the group if we could assist in removing the Baron of Skelside Stronghold as he was cruel to the peoples of the area.
I felt akin to those people as I once was abused by people and finally headed out on my own a good 13 years ago if my reckoning is correct.
Well we finally went in with a mob at our backs and aided in taking down the Baron and his guards. I was able to earn some money for my pelts. looking forward to see what other luck I have.
I find the Comte interesting, I am curious about his device he has seemed to aid a couple of the others with, but I am also not wanting to have it used on me, it looks like it hurts.

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