Champions of Bhumant


David, If you want Valya to continue to be an NPC I need control of her to keep her leveled up. I figure I’ll keep her on pace with Mark. If you’d rather she be retired that’s fine too.

(Comte) Rescuing a Friend
and meeting a dead friend......

Our Sage/Bartender has given us excellent council on which gate to take to find our missing friends Bean and Bearnabus. We reached the gate easily and passed through seeing, again, many wonders both foul and fair. I was able once again to influence the local geography to aid us in our insertion into this realm. As I grow more familiar with these otherworldly places I feel my control growing greater. Perhaps some day I can claim a realm of my own out here in addition to my holdings on the, I suppose I’ll call it the “Prime” realm.

One being stood out as different. Our old, dead, friend Takeshi! Of course it was only a worn copy of Takeshi, much born down with rage and self loathing, though Graile indicated that there was hope for this poor soul if he would only reach for it.

We easily passed through a small contingent of bat like demons that attempted to stop us and reached 2 enormous demons (the new Takeshi called them Oni, which I assume means demon in his language) Our party fell into its accustomed pattern, I buffed the group and disoriented the stupid creatures with well timed words and Thorn, Swen, Valya, Baragund, Schultz and the new Takeshi took down the demons as a team. It truly is good to have people as skilled as these by my side.

In time we came to a fortress with a MUCH larger Demon atop the parapets. Truly the Demon would have been better served had it stayed upon its perch and harried us. Unfortunately for the dumb brute it displayed the typical weakness of it’s kind. Pride. My insults stung it. Words hurt and they caused the great Demon to leap down upon us where, the new Takeshi and Swen put out both it’s eyes after a nice softening up by thorn and Baragund and Valya. Someday I may actually have to lift my sword in anger, and OH what a dark day that will be! We rescued Bean none the worse for wear but were unable to find Bearnabus. We shall have to look into this and find out what has happened. But that is for a day soon to come.

Into the Fire

I made my way into the spirit realm, through a portal that after much searching I finally found in the ruins of an ancient monastery high in the mountains. Upon arriving, I found that many beings travelled here, although I could not touch them. I followed what seemed to be a most interesting challenge to the gate of its origin, and there I observed the flow of creatures into and out of this gate. I had decided that I was going to enter here in search of worthy foes, when I noticed a group of travelers watching me as well. Staring, really. So, we passed through the portal at the same time, and they greeted me by name. Imagine my surprise, as I had never seen a single one of them before. Nevertheless, they seemed to have met some doppelgänger of mine, or at least a lesser portion of my spirit who fought alongside them and died protecting them, apparently. I was…intrigued, to say the least. So, I felt that this group of warriors and sages, nobles and savage beasts would likely lead me to battle, and I decided to travel with them. A loud whistling tone sounded out, and we were soon beset by a swarm of small, annoying creatures that we dispatched easily enough. We were heading for a nearby tower when out of the molten rock leapt two great monsters. Oni. I am sure of it. _Now, _I thought, _this is getting interesting. I enjoined in battle with the both of them, wounding them, and as I battled, a memory occurred to me. I had studied these kind of oni before! As I made several strategic cuts, suddenly the quiet archer, the one who calls himself Thorn, let fly a missile of pure light, right through the eye of one of the oni. I was amazed as it glowed, and then fractured into a thousand pieces of light. Never had I witnessed such prowess in an archer before. We quickly finished the other oni off, and then we were off to the main event: Their lord, the King Oni. He was perched atop his tower, watching us. The de facto leader of the party, and strangely dressed man on a finely trained horse, insulted the demon until it had enough, and it vaulted from its parapet to the ground directly in front of me, spewing fire from its mouth. My chi protected me from the flames, and I knew that this is where my chi had been leading me all this time. I sized up my opponent, and charged forward, slicing and cutting, feinting and stabbing. I thought that he had me once, but I narrowly managed to twist aside from the raking claws of the terrible foe. I felt the __yofun_, or rage, rising inside me. I focused my chi through my blade, and struck as I never had before, tearing through its head and a blinding series of blows. The Oni had much power, as it healed some of the wounds right then…but not all of them. Also, I noticed that my blade seemed to glow, faintly. Some of the others attacked it as well, and the marksman, Swen, put a shot right into its eye. Immediately, I knew how I would slay the beast. It weakly swiped at me, but I batted its hand aside, then leapt for its head once again, channeling my fury into the point of my sword. I pierced its other eye, and drove my blade through the back of its skull! Now my blade released a burst of light, and I distinctly, if faintly, heard a familiar voice: “You can still regain your honor…” I knew that I must determine the source of this call, and although I have long since put to death the samurai within me, I am yet drawn by this prospect. For what glory is there to be had, when one is honorless?

The Lone Blade

A wandering warrior, far from the samurai he was trained to be. Long since, he has left his code of honor to follow the path of the ruroni, the lone swordsman against the world. His past has left its marks deeply upon him, from the loss of his eye to the loss of his honor, to the fury buried inside him, only exposed by combat, where his chi moves strongly, pushing him ever closer to the brink of madness, to be eternally lost to the rage that threatens to consume him. He seeks a new challenge, a new enemy, as his skill with the blade, Two Heavens As One, has proven more than his opponents could face, and the trail of bodies that he has left in his wake is long… long indeed.Mori Takeshi

(Comte) More Vampires
I am so sick of these bloodsuckers

A relatively short log entry. We were beset on by a murderer upon returning to town from our Draconic foray. We surmised that the wizard Chen was possibly involved and proceeded to his tower. Upon entering we found that the Tower had become inhabited by a Vampire. we proceeded to destroy the Vampire and, upon doing so, had to release wizard Chen from his vampiric influence. He was upset, but recognized that it was for the best. He ended up becoming a bartender sage while supporting our cause.

(Comte) Loot & Refugees

After the dragon and his cultists death we had to deal with the issue of approximately 40 women and 60 children. They were set up with food, treated by Graile 1) to heal them of scurvy and 2) to verify lack of any sneaky supernatural evil. I approached Michael and asked him if we would have a problem regarding Baragund? He wisely agreed that we would not unless Baragund killed innocents. On that we all agreed.

We escorted a group of the women and children to the fishing village where they would take boats to the Baronet. On the way we were set upon by Dire wolves, Swen made peace with the pack leader and has a new friend!

Now we begin the laborious process of moving the treasure and refugees. We also have a new bolt hole in the event of invasion. The mountain fastness of Dragon’s Reach.

We killed a dragon?!
Dragon's are real!?

In an odd turn of events we have learned this week that our new companion, Altair, has a brother, Michael, whom is a dragon slayer. We’ve been recruited to help him kill a dragon. After several days of travel, we’ve arrived at the dragon’s lair, finding him to have quite the following of fanatics, which were rather handily ended. The dragon’s lair had many gates made of strange metal, the types of which I never thought to exist. So many crazy things arising recently that I would have never thought possible. But, in the end we seem to have killed a dragon, and it was real… I must be losing my mind.

(Comte) Dragon Hunting
and those damnable insulting cultists!

We were enjoying a relaxing evening at the castle being regaled by a story of one of Graile’s more uneducated owners when a guard brought before us a man named Michael claiming to be the brother of our new, impetuos, companion Altair. Altair embraced the man and verified that this was, indeed, his brother who was a renowned Dragon hunter. In fact it turns out that all of this man’s family are monster hunters of one sort or another with Altair hunting vampires. A fact which Michael seems to have a hard time in believing in spite of all of our protestations that they were, in fact, quite real!

Michael was seeking his brothers aid in tracking down one of the great Dragons that supposedly lived nearby. Our group volunteered to help him and I was a bit put out when Michael also asked us to bring a group of men at arms with us. Nonetheless, I picked out 15 of our newer mercenaries along with 10 of our veterans and a commander. I also took along Heinrich and the ever present Schultz.

We left in the morning and made good time. All along the way my luck proved true in its typical fashion. We found an abandoned mine that was FAR from played out. I asked Valya to fly back and have the Comtess send along men and supplies to claim it and get it back in producing order. Apparently Valya got lost on the way back and when she finally did arrive she was exhausted and fatigued. We put her to bed for a few days and she was right as rain. We also had good fortune in finding a very prosperous village at a tributary of the river on which the Barony Le Douche resides. I easily convinced the residents that it was much closer and would be much more profitable to trade with us rather than sending their supplies 3 weeks into Bhumanti. Another diplomatic coup!

Upon ascending the mountain we came upon a grizzled old man by the name of Alak who knew of the dragon and was willing to point us in his direction. He also agreed to relocate, contact Strider, and take up residence in the mountains closer to Le Douche where he would act as a scout and early warning person in exchange for trade and the occasional stay indoors.

We approached the “cave” of the dragon and found a veritable citadel before us. I rode up to the gate and a large gentleman with a fanatical light to his eyes greeted me in the most contemptious way. Nonethless I endeavored to be polite and asked if we could speak with the dragon and offer trade and mutual defense. The cultist insisted that I had to bow before the dragon and agree to serve him (as IF!). I stretched the truth and said "yes, we would love to serve the dragon (perhaps with a side of beef and some greens and a nice Chianti!) the cultist was NOT amused and his head was promptly blown off by Swen. thorn climbed into a tower and was fighting the men there when Valya cleansed most of the men with fire. Our troops easily outmatched the gate guards and Michael cleared the second tower by himself with a massive Sweep!!

We tore down the outer gates and found Michael straining at an inner gate. I offered to help and Michael did not reply. I asked Altair if he was normally like this and he said “yes, he likes to do things on his own”. I agreed and spread my blanket out, offered food and drink to the men and Valya and I shared a very nice lunch while I occasionally offered advice to Michael on how i thought the bars looked a BIT weaker now, keep trying! Eventually, tired and sweaty, Michael asked for help. I packed up lunch and we hitched horses to the gate and calmly pulled it off the hinges. We rounded up some cultist families and left 5 men to guard them assuring them of equal shares.

We proceeded through several more gates each harder than the last, Valya telling us the metals were Dragon Steel of some sort or other (we must take some back, it would be quite useful I think!) We also saw IMMENSE amounts of treasure in 6 rooms.

At the end we came to a cave with a large man talking to Michael and many Drgon monk disciples. The large man was the Dragon himself in human form. Michael engaged him while we took out the monks with the loss of 10 of our own men. The Dragon created a mirror duplicate of himself which we proceeded to slay. We then turned our attention to helping Michael. I stripped the dragon of vigor, Valya, thorn and Swen as well as our remaining men peppered the Dragon and he eventually fell turning back into a great reptile. I found an egg in the process of hatching and the small drake that emerged immediately impressed itself on me calling me “mama”.

The most disturbing thing then happened. The vampire, Thrond, appeared and tore out the dragon’s heart and ate it vanishing whilst appearing more Draconic. I fear we have NOT seen the last of him! Next entry The Treasure!

(Comte) Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!
Which ole Witch?

Reports came in of people going missing in the forest near our town. Being that this is our town and our people should know that they are well cared for and protected our group ventured forth to track down the culprit. We found some weird tracks and followed them into the forest where we found, much to our surprise, a large snow man who chose to block our path! If that were not unusual enough the snowman had a stove pipe hat and a large carrot for a nose! Well it responded not to overtures of well being and peace so Swen blew it’s fool head off! Our new friend, the impetuous Altair, formed a small snowman and I placed the hat and carrot upon its personage after mixing in some snow from Graile. I cannot say I was totally surprised when the snow child came to life. I WAS surprised when it began to grow and learn at a geometric rate and I was shocked when it asked me to place the carrot in the “proper” location (though I approve on general terms, I mean If I had a choice between my nose and MY carrot I know which one I would choose!)

A short time later elves swarmed the rather violent Altair before I had a real chance to treat with them. Once they were driven off their master Kris Kringle in his red suit appeared and told us something of the witch and gave us items to combat her. We proceeded onward and found some giants which were very rude and had to be taught some manners. Valya landed a wonderful fiery blast which damn near blew the leg off of one of them! Inside the ginger bread cottage was, as suspected, an ugly witch. I tried to no avail to persuade her to leave. Thorn shot her squarely in the head and we administered a good beat down. I healed her up a bit and told her to go bother the Forlandians as they were such nice people. I’m pretty sure she agreed or at least fled and won’t bother us again.


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