Champions of Bhumant

Tosas; Finding a bigger ship
Session 6

While sailing away to the west in search of a bigger ship I ended up turning left instead of going straight taking us into dangerous waters. While down there we met an exploration ship that had a very decent captain and crew, we chatted a good bit and then sailed back north with them before we turned to the west again.
After sailing west awhile we spotted a fair sized ship bearing towards us,
We let them position to board us and we were able to fight off their boarders as Captian Baxter and DJ took out the captain of that ship and convinced the rest to give up and become part of our crew.
Even though I am not totally sure they are all loyal.
We have yet to inventory the new ship.

We Need a Bigger Boat

We squeezed back into our tiny skiff. If we’re going to save the world we need a bigger boat. We headed west toward the rest of civilization. After a storm, a wrong turn by Tosas took us south where we found a great ship. We let them get close enough to board and started talking. I used my new skill in speaking Kraken to ask DJ to initiate a surprise attack. The surprise was on me when he said no!

He had some hang-up that they weren’t trying to hurt us. I mean come on! We’re not getting far crammed into this tiny skiff. But we were outnumbered 3 to 1. Without surprise and magic this wasn’t even a fight. We sailed back north together, then parted ways to continue west. Eventually we came across another ship with black sails. We let them get close enough to board and when they attacked we crushed them. I was particularly proud of a couple ballista bolts landed directly in the captain’s jewels.

After we killed the captain and the boarding party I convinced the remaining crew to surrender and work for me. We transferred the magical masthead & sails to the brigantine, which is now named the Green Dolphin. We are towing the skiff which I have renamed the Crimson Enchantress in honor of my first love.

DJ: Finding a new boat
Not EVERYTHING needs killing!

We set out East in our over loaded skiff. We mostly managed to subsist on fishing and the fresh water i provided, though occasionally we had to dip into our provisions. The air responded to my call and we sped along a brisk clip. A storm set upon us and Tossas ended up sailing us due South, almost to an area of dead sea where even fish did not live. There we encountered a Frigate and determined to make it our own. As we approached they greeted us politely and exchanged information. They were explorers looking for uncharted lands. Baxter spoke to me in Kraken asking me to begin the assault. I refused (much to everyone’s surprise) as I am NOT a casual murderer. Though I have no compunction of ending a beings life, they typically must do something to deserve it. These people had done nothing wrong. Hopefully this lesson will sink into Baxter’s mind. Getting back on course we were, eventually, pursued and overtaken by a Brigantine. It closed with us expecting to capture and enslave or kill us and take our ship and goods as prize. Having proven themselves worthy of death our crew began to systematically slaughter the pirate crew. Baxter proved an excellent shot as he managed to hit a tiny target indeed, causing the pirate captain to speak in falsetto! Technically I am now captain of the Brigantine as I killed the pirate captain with some well aimed bolts (as well as several pirates), but I chose not to make an issue of it as I have no desire to be in charge (though that may change if I do not get a large cabin to myself!) Now to inventory the captured ship, indoctrinate the remaining pirate crew, and be on our way.

Henry's mind
We need a bigger boat

After training with the mage woman we left her oddly placed home, the supposed captain deciding it was about time we found ourselves a bigger ship. We set off to the West, finding ourselves in a storm for some time during our trip before we somehow ended up far to the south. Coming across a Frigate we were decided upon taking it, until a conversation with the Captain of the ship changed the squid-man’s mind. It would have been an easy enough task to take it, but instead we followed it back north, then continued west.
After a day or two later, we came across yet another ship. This one displayed the black sails of a pirate ship, though larger than the frigate, the others decided it would be perfect for taking. So we took it, after a few seconds of fighting, and putting a few ballista bolts through the former pirate captains testicles, the ship and the remains of its crew were ours, as they lacked the capability to pilot such a ship without their captain at the helm.

Tosas; entering the teeth and the attempt to meet Tessa the Red
And the second attempt to meet Tessa the red. Session 5

The journey into the teeth was very nerve wracking at first but it seemed to get easier as we went along, (might have been the numbers of wrecked ships that made it easier to see the hazards.
As we got in close to the fount holding the Island aloft a ship with a figurehead of a green dolphin seemed very unusual to me, as the figurehead was in fantastic shape but the ship was so rotted that it was falling apart as we watched.
DJ told me that it was magical after I pointed it out to him, so I maneuvered the ship beside it so we could retrieve the figurehead.
In short order the figurehead was on our ship bringing the Captain to renaming the ship The Green Dolphin.
I am much glad in this as the previous name seemed to bode ill for us.

After this Equias WC gave us a history of what she knew about this place, but they always had an emissary that met them, there was no such for us, so we made to move up the fount to talk to the arch-mage.
After a very harsh trip up to the top of the island we got told by a bird that they weren’t receiving visitors.
We rested awhile then took it on ourselves to move into the tower itself , there the bird was again taunting us, after we started to figure out the tests of this place we started our way through. at the water trail I along with the others failed and later woke up at the bottom on an island. the harrowing trip up the fount for naught.

After resting and recovering from our trails we started to scavenge around not finding much until DJ sensed magic from sails on a sunken ship, we went down to help him free the sails after he noticed a bunch of sharks in the area around it.
After we fought the sharks off, DJ killing most of the sharks and then healing those of us that were injured, we were able to get the sails back up to our ship.
After resting into the next day we decided to try the trip up again , I am worried as the first trip was almost the end of me but DJ says he learned some magic from a book that should help us get there, (maybe I should borrow that book from him later)
Well the trip up was still quite a chore but we did make it with a lot less trouble, we met the bird again in the tower and started our way through the tests, the water trip went a lot better this time we got to see the arch-mage and her wonderful collection of study materials. She was a lot nicer to DJ and the rest of us than I thought she might be.
After time spent studying in her home and resting we were sent back to our ship and the teeth seem to part for the ship with us on it to leave. We have decided to head west and attempt to acquire a larger ship.
We need to do this and find rum before the little crew we have decide food and water is not enough to stay happy
Hoping for happy hunting….

The Arch Mage

We reached The Teeth, home to the Arch Mage Tessa the Red. The whole crew worked together to get us through The Gullet. We found a crashed ship with a magical masthead that we were able to take as our own. DJ says it will make the ship more maneuverable. I have renamed the ship “The Green Dolphin” in its honour.

AT the end of The Gullet, we found a geyser of water shooting 200 feet in the air with the mage tower on top. There was no way to communicate with Tessa to request entrance, so DJ, Tosas, Equias & I decided to fight our way there. The two crabs shared a rope as did DJ & I. We shot through the geyser and needed to grab on to the floating island. DJ slipped, but I was able to save him. Then the 4 of us had to climb the face of a sheer cliff. Luckily I had thought to arm everyone with grappling hooks. Equias & I took the lead climbing and pulled our partners up after us, but not without some bumps and bruises from being hauled up.

AT the top of the cliff we were greeted by a giant colorful bird who told us that Tessa was not seeing visitors. We tried to pursued it otherwise, but it was insistent. It flew into the tower & we followed it. It told us that we needed to complete a test to meet Tessa & we had already done part of it by getting this far.

The next test was to find a key to the next room. After much searching, DJ was able to find the right part of the map and pressed it to open the door. Then came the fire room. DJ navigated us through it by stepping on the tiles with pictures of fire creatures. The next room was filled with water. We struggled to swim through, but alas we couldn’t do it. We passed out and woke up on another island. DJ had a book next to him.

Near the island, DJ saw the wreckage of a Kraken ship and dove down to it. He was quickly circled by sharks, but for some reason didn’t come back up. I sent Scotty, Mongrel & Tosas down to help. They killed off the sharks and came back with sails that DJ said were magical to help with speed.

We started to leave The Teeth and DJ realized that the book he had gotten contained a spell to help us all be protected from different environments, included breathing underwater. We decided to try for the magetower again and brought Henry since he excels at climbing.

This time we made it through all the tests and met Tessa herself. She was a beautiful redhead. After she talked magic with DJ for a while she showed us all to her library which we could use to prepare for some of the challenges we would face on our upcoming quest.

DJ tried to get to know Tessa better personally, but Kraken must have very different ideas of romance. Tessa seemed disgusted by his advances and I tried to smooth things over. She seemed grateful for this and showed me a night of true magic. Now I truly feel ready to save the world!

DJ: Days 4 & 5
quest for the Archmage

I am fraught with worry that i am unequal to the task laid out before me by prophesy. Though I bent the crew to my will and we proceeded to The Teeth, I sense that this Captain may not be the simple puppet I had hoped he would be. Both good and bad may come of this. I must tread carefully allowing him to think he retains control. Our skiff approached a plume of water that we were required to climb. It is here that I began to doubt my suitability to this task. My power is great and growing, but the physical form containing it is weak and fragile. We barely managed to struggle to the top, exhausting all our resources to do so. At the top we rested briefly. Proceeding on wards we entered a room of fire. This puzzle yielded readily to my intellect (at least I have THAT still going for me). Afterwards we were forced to swim upstream. Even my racial ability proved insufficient to combat the fatigue and dragging the land dwellers with us. We passed out and awoke on a small island. Next to me was a book that taught me the Environmental protection spell. I smiled to myself realizing that even if the Archmage could not directly help me she still wished us well. We traveled a bit and recovered 2 artifacts that would aid us in our task. A figurehead of a Dolphin that gave our skiff a name of “Green Dolphin” and some sails that would speed us on our way (I admit I enjoyed the visceral pleasure of slaughtering the sharks that stood in our way). Our spirits and resources bolstered we managed to ascend and meet with the Archmage. She was beautiful as expected. (If a bit old for my tastes). We gained some valuable information, a chance to train our skills and recuperate. Next we will attempt to take a better ship in which to try and save the world…….

Day 3 on Fantasy Island
Tosas finds a mate?

Having just reached the point where I can now create and/or purify water I was feeling fairly relaxed about our chances. Some God Damned Dinosaur decided to try and eat us! I objected (though not strenuosly as it did not appear truly dangerous). Our small party quickly killed the beast and we were unable to obtain any useful materials from the beast. We attempted to repair the Skiff, but despite Tosas and I’s best efforts would have failed except for the lady looking down upon us! a Female Skurrilion was seen along the shore. She turned out (not surprisingly) to be a carpenter able to repair our skiff! Once more the prophecy proving itself! There was some argument about circling the savage lands looking for Tressa the Red (the last archmage) I, of course, won out on the discourse. We did meet a reasonable man, a privateer of some sort, who sold us some powder to fire our cannons (at cost!). Currently we are approaching the Gullet and about to attempt to sail through and meet up with the archmage. More later…..

Tosas and Leaving Volcano Temple and travel to The Teeth
Session 4

After waking to the sound of a roaring beast we encounter a big creature, we were able to stop its charge and kill it in short order, finding that it wasn’t worth anything for food we ended up dumping what we could of it in the pool of congealing blood. we finished searching the area around the temple and then left to go repair the skiff.
Once there DJ and I tried and tried to fix the skiff but only managed to annoy it and us (if a skiff could be annoyed).
Captain Baxter spotted someone bobbing in the waves off the coast so DJ went out and met them and brought them into shore.
She turned out to be a ship’s carpenter and a female Scurillian, named Equias I guess that is a double plus, she seems to be very competent in repairs of vessels.
She fixed the skiff up in short order.
We named the ship and headed out to our fate after a very heated discussion.
Finally heading to our doom, erm I mean The Teeth to attempt to talk to the ArchMage in hopes of finding a way to safe the world as we know it.. More than likely to be killed for our efforts. after 15 days travel on the seas we came to The Teeth’s opening, may the powers that be help guide my hands as we sail in. We drank the last of the rum as we came in sight so I only hope we get more before we die.
We did trade with Capt. Bartholomew Davis a privateer after the first day of sail trading some fresh water and some amount of coin for enough gunpowder to fire the cannons 40 times.
Mayhap I will be able to continue this log after tomorrow….

DJ: Day 2 on Fantasy Island
WTF was in that weed????

We awoke to the welcome sight of a small skiff beached to the South of us. It had a hole in it and lacked a sail but was otherwise seaworthy. The “Captain” under my recommendation sent a group to retrieve the ship’s carpenter from the other refugee group. I took the harpooner, my bodyguard, and 5 others to “retrieve” the carpenter, some sail cloth and some wood to repair the skiff’s hull. As we approached the encampment we saw that our old ship, The Damned, was on fire down to the waterline. The other group had been taken by something, we saw drag marks. We did manage to retrieve some sail cloth and some timber to repair the skiff and started back. On the way Henry the jackass harpooner found some vegetation he claimed was good for eating. To my shame I believed him and partook. It tapped into my warrior side forcing out the intellect and making me more of an enraged beast. (Note to self, this “weed” may be useful in the future….) we found our other group and trailed them to a Temple of Red Men. There my berserk fury led me to actually physically assault the enemy! We cut through most of the enemy whilst the Cptn and our crab broke free. I was clubbed unconscious which would NOT have happened if I was functioning with a full deck (F you Henry!!) While I lay reeling I heard The maiden’s crying and felt myself reborn. No addiction, full of spell casting vigor. The enemy shaman summoned a mighty Monkey Spirit but was unable to maintain the spirit once his spine was severed. Now we are down to 10 or so men. We have plenty of food, water, and Rum. I’m taking a small holiday…….


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