Champions of Bhumant

Wolf Bites

Pain for Thorn

After some trekking and collecting several pelts, the camp was attacked by wolves and a dire wolf, the wolves were not too bad of a problem, however the dire wolf found me and munched on my family jewels for my attempting to shoot it… it brutally tugged on my family jewels making me pass out, when I woke I was so very sore, there were needle marks on my jewels and I had a hard time walking or riding as a result of what ever I had incurred. I think I blocked out some of what happened, later we found a man that was shot through the head, we found his treasure stash and gave it to his family. found a group of soldiers that was wanting to kill Swen, we dealt with them, later we discovered we had been being tracked by someone… hope they don’t want to play with my jewels…


Throning_Karma KeithBailey

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