Champions of Bhumant

Wicked witch??

Quite a Snow cone...

Off we go to find out why several people either went missing into the forest or coming back in a state of utter confused mindlessness.
Along the way we met a snowman which growled at us and then was blown up by a shot from Swen. after which Altair formed a small snow figure and the Comte put the carrot and hat back on that mixing in snow from the grail and talking with it along the way.
As we walked the snowman grew and learned, and requested the boon of the carrot being put in the correct place which the Comte obliged in doing.
Then we found elves that came out of the woods and was promptly attacked by Altair bringing them to swarm him, then charging toward the rest of us disregarding the Comte’s attempt at peace with them. After we dispatched them a man in a red suit called Kris appeared and after a short chat gave us items useful in attacking the witch, we moved on through the dark white woods to find her abode, right outside of which there were a couple snow giants that were apparently charged with keeping out visitors, the action was brief, but they were brought low in short order as we cut them down to size.
Moving forward we found a gingerbread house inside of which we found the old woman that we had come to know had caused a lot of folks their mental states to be in disarray.
I promptly shot her in the head after the Comte had asked her nicely to leave the area and she refused. after that it was not long before the witch was knocked out by the rest of the party. After which the Comte healed her enough to bring her around and requested she leave the area again, suggesting that she take and go pester the Forlandi folks. At that point her house with all her goods and her promptly disappeared and we started back home with the snowman that had been put back together and cared for by the Comte.

Not sure I would have handled the snowman’s carrot like that.. the snowman seemed excessively pleased with the Comte giving him a hand..


Throning_Karma KeithBailey

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