Champions of Bhumant

We Need a Bigger Boat

We squeezed back into our tiny skiff. If we’re going to save the world we need a bigger boat. We headed west toward the rest of civilization. After a storm, a wrong turn by Tosas took us south where we found a great ship. We let them get close enough to board and started talking. I used my new skill in speaking Kraken to ask DJ to initiate a surprise attack. The surprise was on me when he said no!

He had some hang-up that they weren’t trying to hurt us. I mean come on! We’re not getting far crammed into this tiny skiff. But we were outnumbered 3 to 1. Without surprise and magic this wasn’t even a fight. We sailed back north together, then parted ways to continue west. Eventually we came across another ship with black sails. We let them get close enough to board and when they attacked we crushed them. I was particularly proud of a couple ballista bolts landed directly in the captain’s jewels.

After we killed the captain and the boarding party I convinced the remaining crew to surrender and work for me. We transferred the magical masthead & sails to the brigantine, which is now named the Green Dolphin. We are towing the skiff which I have renamed the Crimson Enchantress in honor of my first love.


Throning_Karma Link_Cap

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