Champions of Bhumant

Tosas the day of the ship wreck.

Second session

Trying every trick I could we still ran aground on the edge of the Savage lands Lots of the people on board of the Ship “The dammed” were killed from the impact or died from their wounds, we pulled what we could from the wreckage and the officers decided to head toward the treeline following along the edge of the water so we could fish and look for fresh water there was a group that didn’t want to leave the wreckage so we voted and those that wanted to stay stayed with their share of what we had already found while the larger group of us headed on the course decided after there was words and some violence killing the main opposing person by the Kraken mage that calls himself DJ.
After a few hours travel we decided to make came and try to find food to extend our rations out.
Shortly after dark we could hear scraping noises coming over the rocks towards us, we prepared the best we could and some of us with torch bearers went forward towards the noise,
There in the dim light we met some large yellow back lizards, I was able to kill one of them and in short order we had killed the other two. We did however lose one sailor in the fight. we also gained a couple extra days food for all of us.
I am setting a watch up so we have warning if others of these savage lands decide to come and test our strength. I have a foreboding that this land is trying to kill us of the Sea Hag’s will.


Throning_Karma KeithBailey

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