Champions of Bhumant

Tosas; Meeting with the Admiral Duckworth

and living Session 7

After acquiring the larger ship and sailing further west heading to meet some more mages..
We encountered a couple large ships one of which was one of the Man-O-Wars that roam the seas. this one was the one that Admiral Duckworth operates on. As he is a known privateer that doesn’t let pirates go free I was concerned when he inspected our ship, cargo, and men. He placed his sword against each in the expectation of seeing if the person had pirating at heart, I figure if a man was truly a pirate and he did that the person would likely try to attack or run sealing their fates.
After the inspection and some minor trading we were given a letter saying we (ship, crew, & cargo) had been inspected and could go to port.
We started on toward Bluth’s Crown less than a day out we encountered a couple swarms of ugly little birds.
Opps had to duck, guess I better get back to killing the buggers.


Throning_Karma KeithBailey

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