Champions of Bhumant

Tosas (Interlude)

Captain Teddy

In remembrance to Captain Theodore Cambell Liverpool III;
Captain Teddy was the finest captain that I knew when I was growing up, Of course he was the first captain I ever knew, as rumor had it I was hatched out on the bridge of his ship the Mighty Nellie, at the base of the helm.. I stayed at the helm or by the helm for many days an nights, so many I forgot how many they were. Captain Teddy made sure I was trained and cared for, I was treated like his own linage, we were scrounging in the Flotsam Sea when something big slammed into the pieces of ships we were checking for stuff on, half the crew were smashed and gone in that second, then the second hit came a moment later, I ended up in the water and seaweed. I latched onto the only thing I could the helm wheel and the small pack of stuff by it that had everything that the crew had allowed me to have. I cried as the shinies, that I had been admiring when the first hit happened, rolled of my small kit and went into the sea, I tried and tried to catch some of them but they were like chasing a sardine that had a shark after it. I floated many days before I landed on a beach, I am sure it was north side of one of the Grey Isles. I was weak and starving, I passed out, after I woke I searched for food. found some meger foods and finally caught the eye of a passing ship that took me on, I worked that ship the best I could until they decided they didn’t need my company. and off I was again with my meger kit.
Never knew if Captain Teddy survived the crushing of the ship or not..


Throning_Karma KeithBailey

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