Champions of Bhumant

Tosas; entering the teeth and the attempt to meet Tessa the Red

And the second attempt to meet Tessa the red. Session 5

The journey into the teeth was very nerve wracking at first but it seemed to get easier as we went along, (might have been the numbers of wrecked ships that made it easier to see the hazards.
As we got in close to the fount holding the Island aloft a ship with a figurehead of a green dolphin seemed very unusual to me, as the figurehead was in fantastic shape but the ship was so rotted that it was falling apart as we watched.
DJ told me that it was magical after I pointed it out to him, so I maneuvered the ship beside it so we could retrieve the figurehead.
In short order the figurehead was on our ship bringing the Captain to renaming the ship The Green Dolphin.
I am much glad in this as the previous name seemed to bode ill for us.

After this Equias WC gave us a history of what she knew about this place, but they always had an emissary that met them, there was no such for us, so we made to move up the fount to talk to the arch-mage.
After a very harsh trip up to the top of the island we got told by a bird that they weren’t receiving visitors.
We rested awhile then took it on ourselves to move into the tower itself , there the bird was again taunting us, after we started to figure out the tests of this place we started our way through. at the water trail I along with the others failed and later woke up at the bottom on an island. the harrowing trip up the fount for naught.

After resting and recovering from our trails we started to scavenge around not finding much until DJ sensed magic from sails on a sunken ship, we went down to help him free the sails after he noticed a bunch of sharks in the area around it.
After we fought the sharks off, DJ killing most of the sharks and then healing those of us that were injured, we were able to get the sails back up to our ship.
After resting into the next day we decided to try the trip up again , I am worried as the first trip was almost the end of me but DJ says he learned some magic from a book that should help us get there, (maybe I should borrow that book from him later)
Well the trip up was still quite a chore but we did make it with a lot less trouble, we met the bird again in the tower and started our way through the tests, the water trip went a lot better this time we got to see the arch-mage and her wonderful collection of study materials. She was a lot nicer to DJ and the rest of us than I thought she might be.
After time spent studying in her home and resting we were sent back to our ship and the teeth seem to part for the ship with us on it to leave. We have decided to head west and attempt to acquire a larger ship.
We need to do this and find rum before the little crew we have decide food and water is not enough to stay happy
Hoping for happy hunting….


Throning_Karma KeithBailey

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