Champions of Bhumant

Tosas and the Volcano Temple

Third Session

We woke up after a nights rest and found that there was a skiff visible from where we camped that we didn’t see during the evening hours as the lighting was too bad.
We can tell the skiff is repairable, but the ship carpenter is one of the people that stayed at the ship wreck.
So the Captain sends a small group back for materials and to convince the carpenter to come help fix the skiff.
Soon after they left some strange power affected those of us in the large group and the next I know I am at some sort of temple beside a blood filled pool that seems to be huge, I notice that the group we left at the wreck site and all of those that stayed with the Captain at the skiff including me are bound to pillars beside the pool of blood.
There are several Ugaks with clubs around us and one that has a spear and garbed differently from the rest that is chanting and shoving our men one after the other into the blood pool.
I know that I will only have seconds to fight before I might join the men in the pool, but the Captain is the last in the line of pillars and I am the only one in front of him that I can think of that stands a chance merger as it is of stopping all of us from joining the ones in the blood pool. So I start worrying the bounds that bind me.
Before I break free there is a disturbance from the other side of the pool. There is only five of us left on the pillars at that point.
The away team have found us. DJ charges in with the rest streaming after him he almost seems to be drooling as he charges forward sword in hand hollering at the Ugak Shaman/mage to stop, the Ugak says a word of power and shoves the next in the line into the pool.
Then DJ shoots the shaman with a icicle wounding him severely, at this the groups of ugaks that were around us start charging the group coming in except for three that try to protect the shaman, DJ cuts his way through the ones that got between him and the shaman and charges to the face of the shaman, as he did this I saw blood spray from his back as the club from one of those he charged past slammed him hard.
I break free of my bonds and charge to the other side of the shaman to try to assist DJ in doing so I stun the two Ugaks that are guarding the shaman while dj and the shaman wield magic at each other. Then I see DJ knocked out by a stroke of the guard on the other side of the shaman from me. I mortally wound the shaman and the guard on the side closest to me. About that time a huge monkey that had risen from the blood pool disappears , I guess that it was controlled by the shaman. at this point DJ rejoins the battle and between the Captain, DJ, Henry the few crew that are still alive and I are able to finish of the remaining Ugaks.
We do a quick search and find our gear and more….


Throning_Karma KeithBailey

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