Champions of Bhumant

Tosas and Leaving Volcano Temple and travel to The Teeth

Session 4

After waking to the sound of a roaring beast we encounter a big creature, we were able to stop its charge and kill it in short order, finding that it wasn’t worth anything for food we ended up dumping what we could of it in the pool of congealing blood. we finished searching the area around the temple and then left to go repair the skiff.
Once there DJ and I tried and tried to fix the skiff but only managed to annoy it and us (if a skiff could be annoyed).
Captain Baxter spotted someone bobbing in the waves off the coast so DJ went out and met them and brought them into shore.
She turned out to be a ship’s carpenter and a female Scurillian, named Equias I guess that is a double plus, she seems to be very competent in repairs of vessels.
She fixed the skiff up in short order.
We named the ship and headed out to our fate after a very heated discussion.
Finally heading to our doom, erm I mean The Teeth to attempt to talk to the ArchMage in hopes of finding a way to safe the world as we know it.. More than likely to be killed for our efforts. after 15 days travel on the seas we came to The Teeth’s opening, may the powers that be help guide my hands as we sail in. We drank the last of the rum as we came in sight so I only hope we get more before we die.
We did trade with Capt. Bartholomew Davis a privateer after the first day of sail trading some fresh water and some amount of coin for enough gunpowder to fire the cannons 40 times.
Mayhap I will be able to continue this log after tomorrow….


Throning_Karma KeithBailey

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