Champions of Bhumant

Tosas Beginning

The Origin and first session

Tosas had a merger beginning I found my self on the beach of an Island close to Braven. from there I found work on a few different ships becoming familiar with navigation and the workings of ships in general, had a good job as 2nd navigator on the ship called The Tusk, we had put into a port at Brigany Bay. There I found a good bit of luck being invited to attend a large party. The party was put on by the ships officers. I had a good time drinking and watching the idiots try to make friends while I chewed up food from the snack table, I guess I eat or drank more than I should have as the next I knew I was at sea attached to an oar, going south east from Brigandy Bay and we were several days out already and going faster than this ship should. A crazy mage Kraken kept mouthing off to the guard apparently over us getting himself beat on by him, somehow he managed to get free of his chains and the human called Baxter Seabrook Together we were able to take the ship with Baxter killing the previous captain becoming the new Captain, soon after the ship was taken the rudder broke. wind driving us rapidly towards the savage lands and possibly the rocks.


Throning_Karma KeithBailey

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