Champions of Bhumant

To hunt a whale

Henry's childhood

When Henry was just a young boy, still with his father and family, it was tradition each summer from the first year he had learned to sail that he would travel with the rest of the family to the cold sea to help with harvesting the whales. At the age of 12 was the first year that Henry was invited to join the hunting team, even as a young boy though, Henry was a very strong boy, and after the first harpooner was pulled from the dinghy by the whale they were hunting, Henry stepped up to take the next throw. The harpoon hit hard, and after a short struggle the whale was finished. After his first kill Henry was regularly invited to be a harpooner on the hunts, learning to hone his skill with a harpoon, and getting better about where best to target the large creatures to take them down.


Throning_Karma Mark_Herwig

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