Champions of Bhumant

The Lone Blade

A wandering warrior, far from the samurai he was trained to be. Long since, he has left his code of honor to follow the path of the ruroni, the lone swordsman against the world. His past has left its marks deeply upon him, from the loss of his eye to the loss of his honor, to the fury buried inside him, only exposed by combat, where his chi moves strongly, pushing him ever closer to the brink of madness, to be eternally lost to the rage that threatens to consume him. He seeks a new challenge, a new enemy, as his skill with the blade, Two Heavens As One, has proven more than his opponents could face, and the trail of bodies that he has left in his wake is long… long indeed.Mori Takeshi


Hope you’re able to join us more often man!

The Lone Blade
Throning_Karma asderyno

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