Champions of Bhumant

The Arch Mage

We reached The Teeth, home to the Arch Mage Tessa the Red. The whole crew worked together to get us through The Gullet. We found a crashed ship with a magical masthead that we were able to take as our own. DJ says it will make the ship more maneuverable. I have renamed the ship “The Green Dolphin” in its honour.

AT the end of The Gullet, we found a geyser of water shooting 200 feet in the air with the mage tower on top. There was no way to communicate with Tessa to request entrance, so DJ, Tosas, Equias & I decided to fight our way there. The two crabs shared a rope as did DJ & I. We shot through the geyser and needed to grab on to the floating island. DJ slipped, but I was able to save him. Then the 4 of us had to climb the face of a sheer cliff. Luckily I had thought to arm everyone with grappling hooks. Equias & I took the lead climbing and pulled our partners up after us, but not without some bumps and bruises from being hauled up.

AT the top of the cliff we were greeted by a giant colorful bird who told us that Tessa was not seeing visitors. We tried to pursued it otherwise, but it was insistent. It flew into the tower & we followed it. It told us that we needed to complete a test to meet Tessa & we had already done part of it by getting this far.

The next test was to find a key to the next room. After much searching, DJ was able to find the right part of the map and pressed it to open the door. Then came the fire room. DJ navigated us through it by stepping on the tiles with pictures of fire creatures. The next room was filled with water. We struggled to swim through, but alas we couldn’t do it. We passed out and woke up on another island. DJ had a book next to him.

Near the island, DJ saw the wreckage of a Kraken ship and dove down to it. He was quickly circled by sharks, but for some reason didn’t come back up. I sent Scotty, Mongrel & Tosas down to help. They killed off the sharks and came back with sails that DJ said were magical to help with speed.

We started to leave The Teeth and DJ realized that the book he had gotten contained a spell to help us all be protected from different environments, included breathing underwater. We decided to try for the magetower again and brought Henry since he excels at climbing.

This time we made it through all the tests and met Tessa herself. She was a beautiful redhead. After she talked magic with DJ for a while she showed us all to her library which we could use to prepare for some of the challenges we would face on our upcoming quest.

DJ tried to get to know Tessa better personally, but Kraken must have very different ideas of romance. Tessa seemed disgusted by his advances and I tried to smooth things over. She seemed grateful for this and showed me a night of true magic. Now I truly feel ready to save the world!


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