Champions of Bhumant

The Admiral's a DIck

We continued west toward Bluth’s Crown where DJ hopes to find knowledge or equipment to help with his magic. From there we’ll go north to Azy Cay where we hope to sell the skiff & cargo and enjoy some shore leave.

Along the way we saw a Galleon. This time DJ wanted to get ready for a fight before even getting close. I just don’t get that guy. Maybe it’s a Kraken thing? As they came closer they were flying colors of the British East India Company and didn’t appear predatory. Behind them on the horizon was a giant Man-O-War. We traded with the Galleon getting food and goods for the iron that was on our new ship. The Man-O-War had the Admiral. I forget his exact name. He pushed on board with his head up his ass and was extremely confrontational, especially when he saw Henry’s brand. Apparently he has a real thing against pirates. He examined our ship and each of us using some magic sword that declared us free of murder and piracy. Not sure how the pirate crew scraped through that one, but maybe I’m not the only one easily convinced. Anyway they moved on and we approached Bluth’s Crown.

We were attacked by 2 massive swarms of birds. We tried shooting at them with little result and have men down. I thought we did some damage, but one swarm just split into 2 smaller swarms.


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