Champions of Bhumant

Takeshi's Journal -2nd Entry

We have now freed those poor peasants from the grip of the tyrant baron, mostly by cutting him down. We decided to travel further into Forland, at the behest of the somewhat non- forthcoming Swen Wall. I have discerned that this band has the air of fate about them. I’m intrigued. I’ll follow along for now, as I can see greatness will follow us. We were attacked in the middle of the night by a ravenous pack of wolves, led by the largest wolf I have ever seen. I dispatched two of the creatures, while the rest were either slain or driven off. We had two casualties…a pair of short, fat, hairy fellows. They were…torn away badly, and though I was able to stabilize poor Thorn,I fear that his, essence of manliness may not make a full recovery. We proceeded through the countryside, and came upon a peasant, whom Swen promptly shot in the head! Fury boiled like molten metal through my veins. Cold blooded murder. This is the way of the assassin, not the warrior, and even they have some sense of honor, such as it is. I pulled my blade to strike Swen down, but reversed my grip, slashing his head with the backside of my sword. He collapsed. I immediately regretted my passion, as this is one of my companions, and I brought him to harm. Someday, I shall overcome this youthful zeal. I cannot bring myself to apologize, but I later patched his head up by way of apology. We continued on our way, only to be confronted by mounted knights. They demanded Swen surrender himself to their custody, to be taken to some general. Naturally, Swen insisted that they eat his hot lead. As the rifle boomed, and the knights charged, the spirit of the warrior came upon me. This is the first legitimate open battle that I have encountered since entering these lands, and my heart grew fierce within me in anticipation of testing my mettle against battle hardened warriors. After it was over, I had to change my opinion of them. They fell far to easily for men of war. Likely they were nothing more than well armed, but ill trained peasants. I hamstrung one war horse, sidestepping the lance and horse as they charged, and laying open the mount’s flank. Surprisingly, the man landed on his feet. Not that he lasted long enough to feel the cold steel of my katana. Others dispatched him with relative ease. Another knight came to try to run me down with his horse. The deluded fool actually thought that he would succeed where his fellow failed. I vaulted his horse, turned a somersault in the air, and decapitated him. With that, the battle was all but won, and the rest fell with no more trouble than the first had given us. We learned why we were coming this way afterward:To finish plundering the cave Swen had started his own adventure at, and receive a king’s ransom of treasure!


Throning_Karma asderyno

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