Champions of Bhumant

Takeshi Mori-Third Journal Entry

So, where did I leave off? Ah, yes. The ambush. Strange term, ambush. In my experience, an ambush typically involves some element of surprise. Instead, we were pursued down a gully to a cave to make our stand. Our enemies were most persistent, and we couldn’t shake them. We took some wounds in our retreat. Not surprising, really. When one turns their back upon their enemy, that enemy was all of the advantage. Basic warfare. Anyway, we made it to the cave, but not before I clashed with a lieutenant of the opposing force. His skill with the blade was, quite frankly, astounding. I honestly did not believe that I would make it out alive. He delivered several cuts along my legs and sides, but nothing to permanent. I managed to withdraw from the duel to take cover in the cave. Again, my mentor would be ashamed of me. I could have faced death in glorious battle, at the hands of one who was obviously more skilled than I, but no. My cowardice creeps in again… We made our stand in the cave and I prepared to strike down some of the enemy foot soldiers. Then, as if to balance out my cowardice, I struck the cave wall in an attempt to strike the foot soldier in front of me, and my katana broke. My grief is now compounded a hundred times over! The only thing that separated me from the lower castes, the only token of my warrior past, broken in half at my feet. I felt that I should die. However, the rage of battle continued to build, and I took out my anger and frustration on one of the soldiers in front of me. The lieutenant came at me again, and I thought that I was surely a dead man now. I faced him in battle once more, only to have him crumple before me, under the thundering hooves of the great horse, and the (Surprisingly) lethally precise cut across the side of the neck from the rapier of the Comte. Perhaps I should reconsider this Kennish noble. He most definitely plays the fool, but beneath that there is a rage that I can sense. A quiet menace that threatens to erupt from the cool facade. Perhaps there is more to him than I had previously suspected. He has shown some prowess in combat, and certainly a lack of fear of battle, willingly diving into the midst of combat to crush foes, and aid friends. More on that later, I think. I have decided that this two sword style of combat suits me, and I will endeavor to improve my skills with two blades, and teach myself the way of Ni-ten-ichi, or “Two Heavens As One”, the style of fighting employed by the famous Miyamoto Musashi. This flowing technique will serve me well in both individual duels and open combat. We finished off our pursuers, and one of them decided to surrender himself to Comte DeMonet, and offer his services as a retainer. A wise choice, considering his circumstances. We proceeded to the cave where Swen found his treasure, and as we descended into the darkness, we were attacked by a large group of the largest scorpions that I had ever seen! We fought them, but several times there stingers found their way past my blade, and I fell victim to their terrible poisons. Were it not for the Comte’s timely intervention, I would have most likely died. After dispatching these, we eventually came upon the giant mother scorpion. Massive though she was, she didn’t land a single blow upon us, thanks in part to a timely shot from Thorn’s bow. We proceeded to chop her up handily, and then we came upon it: The greatest treasure that I had ever laid my eyes on. Gold, gems, jewels, armor, weapons, writings, the list goes on. A treasure in the truest sense, no matter what one placed value upon. Although the gold was dazzling, the greatest treasures that I found could not have shocked me more: A full Daisho and armor set from my native Nippon! Perhaps the gods were showing me that I had not yet fallen from grace as I had thought. Perhaps my ancestors had smiled upon me, and blessed me with their favor. Regardless, I knew that someone was looking out for me, and that my destiny had not yet been revealed. I had much greatness coming my way, of that I was certain. I had been given a new chance in life, and I wasn’t going to waste it…


Throning_Karma asderyno

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