Champions of Bhumant

Takeshi Mori Journal-Fourth Entry

So, now we are all filthy rich…but what to do about it? We have more money than we can easily know what to do with. The Comte has suggested that we go and store our finances in a Kennish bank. Perhaps we shall do just that. We repaired several of the traps in the cave, cleared our tracks away, and added false tracks leading elsewhere, just in case. We began traveling toward Ken, and one evening, the Comte told us of his past: His parents’ deaths, his raising by his uncle, the many and varied “loves” that he has in almost every town that he stops in. Interesting fellow, but perhaps a bit loose morally. We ran into a merchant along the road to Ken. By and far the most pleasant fellow that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He had a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Some of everything. He even had a tea set that I bought from him. Finally, I can bring a little culture into this party. Perhaps the Comte will learn what it is to understand the innermost self through reflection and tea ceremony. It would certainly help him put some of his rage to rest. We had the terrible misfortune of losing almost all of our horses one night. Someone forgot to tie them up properly, and they bolted. So, Thorn and myself tracked the largest group of them, only to find a large military base just over the rise. The horses quite obviously lead right into it, giving away the fact that there was something not quite right going on, what with 30 Forlandi horses just showing up out of nowhere. They sent out search parties, and one of them had the…bad luck of finding us. We dispatched them with ease, not even giving them the chance to raise the alarm. Now what to do about our horses…and the base housing them.


Throning_Karma asderyno

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