Champions of Bhumant

Swarm of Octodeath

A day or two out from Azy Cay, DJ was swimming with his shark friend. (Am I the only one puzzled by that relationship?) Anyway, they disappeared under the water for awhile. Then DJ burst up onto the skiff sounding the alarm. We manned the cannons & ballista, but to no avail. Strange octopus creatures swarmed up over the sides of the ship, out of range of both. We tried to cut them down, but they attacked so quickly and repeatedly. Many men were knocked overboard in the fight. Only a few were downed on the ship itself, but by the time we killed off the invaders all those who had fallen overboard were truly lost. Cara & I were able to patch upmost of those injured who remained on the ship.

DJ & the other aquatic members of the crew were able to salvage treasure, but it cost us dearly. About a third of the crew in total, mostly the newer men, were buried at sea.

We will need to hire more men at one of the upcoming ports and this time they will be armed with spears and bows so we can keep other threats from reaching the deck.


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