Champions of Bhumant


Tron is stalling

We entered a forest (which we later found to be illusionary, must remember to gadgeteer Greater Mind’s Eye Goggles!). There we were jumped by vampire spawn. We slaughtered them fairly easily save one who flew away. This one was dragged back by Baragund and, to my amazement, re assembled itself using parts of the other vampire spawn! In the end there was a very tough, almost impossible to kill Vampire abomination. Fortunately Sister Mary J communed with her god and her ruler smote through the Vamp’s withered heart with holy wooden fire. The thing turned to ash and the forest vanished.

We made our way up almost to the battlements of Tron’s tower. Oh, some wandering bag of bones crossed our path about 1/2 hour prior to reaching the tower. I can only hope the tower itself falls as easily…… We shall see soon enough….


Throning_Karma faradhii

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