Champions of Bhumant

(Comte) Regaining Consciousness

I slowly awoke to the rocking of a wagon. Trying to stretch proved impossible as my hands were bound behind my back. I looked around cautiously and saw others in a similar situation. One, a (insert french country name here) trapper that I knew from some clandestine dealings and two others that I had never met. Before I could ask any questions a guard walking beside the wagon clutched his throat as an arrow appeared in it!! One of my fellow prisoners was stabbed at but instead the soldiers sword was buried in the wagon. I seized the opportunity to cut my bonds and lept into the second wagon to retrieve my gear. the archers and my new friends quickly dispatched the guards. I patched up a wound taken by one of my new friends.

For some reason the local villagers must have thought we were big god damned heroes as they asked us to forcibly depose the local Baron. Obviously I was drunk as I agreed to the insane plan. Incredibly it worked! I even managed to kill a soldier myself as did Cheval, my superbly trained warhorse.

So, I suppose we ARE big god damned heroes…… You know, I rather like the sound of that!


Throning_Karma faradhii

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