Champions of Bhumant

Of Gods and Demons (and werewolves chasing sticks!)

WTF was David Smoking last night?????

Having beaten Thrond off (pun intended!!) he wisely chose to flee through his tower to a realm in balance. There he led us a merry chase to his supposed place of power. We kept up with him and even managed to hit him a few times though he kept growing and easily shrugged off our blows. Once ensconced in his own realm he turned to face us. I admit to failing to understand exactly what was happening as our blows were inconsequential to him. Baragund DID manage to at least annoy him when Thrond chose (unwisely) to grapple with the, while still only a juvenile, mighty red drake. Baragund handled him like a chew toy, dropping him from terminal velocity range. The splat sound and slight bounce Thrond made was MOST satisfactory. Unfortunately Thrond healed almost all of his wounds. So Baragund did it again from even higher up this time!

In the meantime a pack of werewolves led by 2 alphas were meant to keep us busy. I connived them into chasing an imaginary stick and Sister Mary J promptly blasted all the lesser weres to ash. After his second bounce, Thrond was forced to consume the 2 alphas to heal. Some god of light appeared at that point and drew Thrond into combat. Thorn put together the fact that Thrond was dependant upon his ruby medalion for protection and he and Schultzy began shooting and destroying it.

A demon lord came and Thrond devoured it, causing himself to grow to epic proportions and destroy the lesser god facing him. We now surmise that we must destroy his items of power in order to successfully vanquish the wanna be Dark Lord.


Throning_Karma faradhii

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