Champions of Bhumant

Kanaloa (DJ, short for Davy Jones): Pawn of THE PROPHECY


Our race is in decline. It is a sad state of affairs when the once mighty Kraken are reduced to eaking out a living as ships mages. Great Tar Tarris lies slumbering in ruins beneath the waves. My lord Caspian, Captain of the last remaining Great Ship has commanded that all Kraken search out for hints of THE PROPHECY as a way to destroy the Sea Hags and restore our honor. I believe I have found a lead on a part of THE PROPHECY, that portion which states an outsider will destroy the Sea Hags. I followed this child (I later learned his name to be “Baxter”) and watched as he foolishly was captured as he lay in a drunken stupor. My own “capture” was easily arranged by pretending to rob the people responsible for Baxter’s imprisonment. The men beat me unconscious (they will be repaid ten-fold!) and I awoke chained next to Baxter (obvious work of THE PROPHECY). After allowing my overconfidence to earn me another 2 whacks on the head I enlisted Baxter’s help in freeing one tentacle from my shackles (the boy DOES show signs of bravery). With a free tentacle I was easily able to slip my other tentacle out of bondage. I admit a bit of surprise as the blast of water I sent at the overseer who whacked me on the head turned to ice and impaled his brain, but he DID deserve it! I freed Baxter and he took up cutlass to defend me. Offering the slaves a chance at freedom we soon had a few hardy souls including, of all things, a Scurillian! I blew a hole in the wall that the drummer indicated hid some weapons and some of the slaves armed themselves. We swarmed up the ladder and took down the enemy crew members with Baxter landing the killing blow on the Captain. Now he is Captain, surely another step on THE PROPHECY, as is the unnatural wind blowing us somewhere………


Throning_Karma faradhii

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