Champions of Bhumant

Kanaloa (DJ) and the pipe organ.

I was a young tadpole......

I was once a part of the great Naval alliance that sailed against the Sea Hags. I, along with many of my kin fought to defeat the Evil that has invaded our realm from the outside. When my fellows were destroyed and my ship rent from under me then did I know despair. I awoke to the sounds of a pipe organ playing. It’s haunting melody infused me and readied my frail corporeal self to return to the fight and attempt to save our plane of existence. I knew I was upholding my admiral’s quest to find a means to destroy the creatures that have almost destroyed our race. Unfortunately for the Sea hags, they failed to completely annihilate our race, thus leaving ME alive. I will never cease in my quest to destroy them and return our realm to equilibrium. To this end I have joined with the disparate beings that have, so far, proven themselves thorns in the side of the oppressive Sea Hags. As an aside, my earlier saving from the battle against the Hags has resulted in my becoming competent in the playing of the pipe organ/piano………..


Throning_Karma faradhii

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