Champions of Bhumant

Henry's Mind

"We're not pirates. But this was a pirate ship."

We’ve continued sailing for days it seems, with little interest happening after taking this Brig. The new crew seem nice enough for pirates, they know how to work at least. Fish and provisions are getting old, I could go for some fresh steak.

We’ve come across a fleet of ships, with a man-o-war. That Admiral came aboard, Duckfeet? Duckface? Duckworth? Something like that. He was kind of an asshole, and didn’t seem to like me much, without any good reason. He tapped me with his sword too, not a very friendly guy. At least he didn’t try killing any of us.

We’ve continued on our course after facing the Admiral but now a couple of flocks of some sort of bird are heading our way. This doesn’t look good.


Throning_Karma Mark_Herwig

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