Champions of Bhumant

Henry's mind

We need a bigger boat

After training with the mage woman we left her oddly placed home, the supposed captain deciding it was about time we found ourselves a bigger ship. We set off to the West, finding ourselves in a storm for some time during our trip before we somehow ended up far to the south. Coming across a Frigate we were decided upon taking it, until a conversation with the Captain of the ship changed the squid-man’s mind. It would have been an easy enough task to take it, but instead we followed it back north, then continued west.
After a day or two later, we came across yet another ship. This one displayed the black sails of a pirate ship, though larger than the frigate, the others decided it would be perfect for taking. So we took it, after a few seconds of fighting, and putting a few ballista bolts through the former pirate captains testicles, the ship and the remains of its crew were ours, as they lacked the capability to pilot such a ship without their captain at the helm.


Throning_Karma Mark_Herwig

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