Champions of Bhumant

DJ: Shipwrecked

My will is law.

Our ship was driven before a mystic wind and ended up crashing upon the Savage shores. some 25% of the crew survived including the three that have managed to make themselves noticed to me. 1) Baxter Seabrook: I will use him as a pawn in my quest to destroy the Sea Hags. My initial thought that he is the prophesied one may have been in error, nonetheless he is a stalwart youth…. 2) Tosas: a Scurillion, which alone makes him useful in a fight. 3) Henry the harpooner who styles himself “The Handsome”. Perhaps he is, I have no concept of male human beauty being partial to the female of the species myself.

the survivors of the beaching "voted’ (a concept I do not understand, those with the power rule, those without follow or die. It was decided that our group would proceed inland whilst the other group stayed by the beach. One of the beach group attempted to take more than what I considered fair and I eliminated the problem and asked if there were any other "leaders’ who wished to challenge our “captain’s” orders. As I suspected, there were none. We proceeded towards the trees and camped for the night. Some lizard like creatures tried to make dinner of us and were turned into a meal for us. More to come…


Throning_Karma faradhii

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