Champions of Bhumant

DJ: Razorwings part 1

Birds are bad mmmkay?

The new crew seems to be working out well. I haven’t had to make examples of anyone yet. Baxter is showing an interest in actually running the boat! We were approached by a man of War, as there are only 2 on the ocean that I know of I figured it had to be Admiral Duckworth as I didn’t see any Kraken on board. The Admiral was a bit brusque, but allowed us to continue on our way unmolested (he did give Henry a thorough once over). As we proceeded onwards we were set upon by a swarm of Razorwings. I dispersed some of them, and some cannon shot took down others; however, there appear to be a LOT more. Scotty fell protecting me, but I did heal him up. Hopefully we will survive…….


Throning_Karma faradhii

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