Champions of Bhumant

DJ: Finding a new boat

Not EVERYTHING needs killing!

We set out East in our over loaded skiff. We mostly managed to subsist on fishing and the fresh water i provided, though occasionally we had to dip into our provisions. The air responded to my call and we sped along a brisk clip. A storm set upon us and Tossas ended up sailing us due South, almost to an area of dead sea where even fish did not live. There we encountered a Frigate and determined to make it our own. As we approached they greeted us politely and exchanged information. They were explorers looking for uncharted lands. Baxter spoke to me in Kraken asking me to begin the assault. I refused (much to everyone’s surprise) as I am NOT a casual murderer. Though I have no compunction of ending a beings life, they typically must do something to deserve it. These people had done nothing wrong. Hopefully this lesson will sink into Baxter’s mind. Getting back on course we were, eventually, pursued and overtaken by a Brigantine. It closed with us expecting to capture and enslave or kill us and take our ship and goods as prize. Having proven themselves worthy of death our crew began to systematically slaughter the pirate crew. Baxter proved an excellent shot as he managed to hit a tiny target indeed, causing the pirate captain to speak in falsetto! Technically I am now captain of the Brigantine as I killed the pirate captain with some well aimed bolts (as well as several pirates), but I chose not to make an issue of it as I have no desire to be in charge (though that may change if I do not get a large cabin to myself!) Now to inventory the captured ship, indoctrinate the remaining pirate crew, and be on our way.


Throning_Karma faradhii

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