Champions of Bhumant

DJ: Days 4 & 5

quest for the Archmage

I am fraught with worry that i am unequal to the task laid out before me by prophesy. Though I bent the crew to my will and we proceeded to The Teeth, I sense that this Captain may not be the simple puppet I had hoped he would be. Both good and bad may come of this. I must tread carefully allowing him to think he retains control. Our skiff approached a plume of water that we were required to climb. It is here that I began to doubt my suitability to this task. My power is great and growing, but the physical form containing it is weak and fragile. We barely managed to struggle to the top, exhausting all our resources to do so. At the top we rested briefly. Proceeding on wards we entered a room of fire. This puzzle yielded readily to my intellect (at least I have THAT still going for me). Afterwards we were forced to swim upstream. Even my racial ability proved insufficient to combat the fatigue and dragging the land dwellers with us. We passed out and awoke on a small island. Next to me was a book that taught me the Environmental protection spell. I smiled to myself realizing that even if the Archmage could not directly help me she still wished us well. We traveled a bit and recovered 2 artifacts that would aid us in our task. A figurehead of a Dolphin that gave our skiff a name of “Green Dolphin” and some sails that would speed us on our way (I admit I enjoyed the visceral pleasure of slaughtering the sharks that stood in our way). Our spirits and resources bolstered we managed to ascend and meet with the Archmage. She was beautiful as expected. (If a bit old for my tastes). We gained some valuable information, a chance to train our skills and recuperate. Next we will attempt to take a better ship in which to try and save the world…….


Throning_Karma faradhii

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