Champions of Bhumant

DJ: Day 2 on Fantasy Island

WTF was in that weed????

We awoke to the welcome sight of a small skiff beached to the South of us. It had a hole in it and lacked a sail but was otherwise seaworthy. The “Captain” under my recommendation sent a group to retrieve the ship’s carpenter from the other refugee group. I took the harpooner, my bodyguard, and 5 others to “retrieve” the carpenter, some sail cloth and some wood to repair the skiff’s hull. As we approached the encampment we saw that our old ship, The Damned, was on fire down to the waterline. The other group had been taken by something, we saw drag marks. We did manage to retrieve some sail cloth and some timber to repair the skiff and started back. On the way Henry the jackass harpooner found some vegetation he claimed was good for eating. To my shame I believed him and partook. It tapped into my warrior side forcing out the intellect and making me more of an enraged beast. (Note to self, this “weed” may be useful in the future….) we found our other group and trailed them to a Temple of Red Men. There my berserk fury led me to actually physically assault the enemy! We cut through most of the enemy whilst the Cptn and our crab broke free. I was clubbed unconscious which would NOT have happened if I was functioning with a full deck (F you Henry!!) While I lay reeling I heard The maiden’s crying and felt myself reborn. No addiction, full of spell casting vigor. The enemy shaman summoned a mighty Monkey Spirit but was unable to maintain the spirit once his spine was severed. Now we are down to 10 or so men. We have plenty of food, water, and Rum. I’m taking a small holiday…….


Throning_Karma faradhii

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