Champions of Bhumant


So, in pursuing the demons into their lair in search of their leader, I found myself overwhelmed, and I was rendered unconscious. Next thing I knew, I awoke, standing in front of Altair, of all people! I quickly realized that I was in the middle of a battle. At home in my comfort zone of combat, I saw that a group of men clad only in flames were running at and past me. So, I slipped my blade across the ribs of one of them. They began to generate some manner of psychic assault, but the one that I cut lost his concentration, and blew the minds of the others out. The two that remained were easily dispatched. After exchanging greetings with this same party of adventurers that I seem to continue to run into, they told me that one of their allies was held captive (Do they EVER not have an ally who is captured by demons?) by a demon lord of some strength. So, we walked right through the front gate and were confronted by four giant constructs. They also fell with relative ease, barely challenging us. So, as soon as we had dropped those, the demon himself appeared. Without a word of challenge, he dispatched two smaller minions and began stalking toward us. He also afflicted the Comte with a magical silence, which I found to be rather amusing. So, the small, quiet man named Thorn put an arrow in one of the minions, ending his life, and put another arrow through the head of the other one. Altair charged the monster, raking his sword along the armor on the demon’s side. One of the newer members of the party, a quiet, diminutive woman of prayer, boldly approached the demon, and blasted him with a bolt of magic, followed by the single largest blast of magic that I had ever witnessed, rocking the demon heavily, nearly knocking him from his feet. He didn’t look so good after that. Then the Comte rode forward, launching a pair of small, but deadly darts, which left the demon looking quite weak. I ran in, flipping through the air, and striking his head with both of my blades. I barely touched the ground, pivoting and leaping back and up, whipping both blades into his head once more. This felled the beast. We started discussing where their friend could be found, and I sat on the corpse, only to find out that the corpse wasn’t a corpse! The demon had regenerated itself, rising to fight again. The quiet archer pulled back his bow and buried his arrow in the demon’s eye, once again ending its life. This time we hacked it up, rending it limb from limb. It didn’t come back after that. Now, we move on to scour the tower for treasure and such. After that, on to the next fight!


Throning_Karma asderyno

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