Champions of Bhumant

Day 3 on Fantasy Island

Tosas finds a mate?

Having just reached the point where I can now create and/or purify water I was feeling fairly relaxed about our chances. Some God Damned Dinosaur decided to try and eat us! I objected (though not strenuosly as it did not appear truly dangerous). Our small party quickly killed the beast and we were unable to obtain any useful materials from the beast. We attempted to repair the Skiff, but despite Tosas and I’s best efforts would have failed except for the lady looking down upon us! a Female Skurrilion was seen along the shore. She turned out (not surprisingly) to be a carpenter able to repair our skiff! Once more the prophecy proving itself! There was some argument about circling the savage lands looking for Tressa the Red (the last archmage) I, of course, won out on the discourse. We did meet a reasonable man, a privateer of some sort, who sold us some powder to fire our cannons (at cost!). Currently we are approaching the Gullet and about to attempt to sail through and meet up with the archmage. More later…..


Throning_Karma faradhii

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