Champions of Bhumant

(Comte) Rescuing a Friend

and meeting a dead friend......

Our Sage/Bartender has given us excellent council on which gate to take to find our missing friends Bean and Bearnabus. We reached the gate easily and passed through seeing, again, many wonders both foul and fair. I was able once again to influence the local geography to aid us in our insertion into this realm. As I grow more familiar with these otherworldly places I feel my control growing greater. Perhaps some day I can claim a realm of my own out here in addition to my holdings on the, I suppose I’ll call it the “Prime” realm.

One being stood out as different. Our old, dead, friend Takeshi! Of course it was only a worn copy of Takeshi, much born down with rage and self loathing, though Graile indicated that there was hope for this poor soul if he would only reach for it.

We easily passed through a small contingent of bat like demons that attempted to stop us and reached 2 enormous demons (the new Takeshi called them Oni, which I assume means demon in his language) Our party fell into its accustomed pattern, I buffed the group and disoriented the stupid creatures with well timed words and Thorn, Swen, Valya, Baragund, Schultz and the new Takeshi took down the demons as a team. It truly is good to have people as skilled as these by my side.

In time we came to a fortress with a MUCH larger Demon atop the parapets. Truly the Demon would have been better served had it stayed upon its perch and harried us. Unfortunately for the dumb brute it displayed the typical weakness of it’s kind. Pride. My insults stung it. Words hurt and they caused the great Demon to leap down upon us where, the new Takeshi and Swen put out both it’s eyes after a nice softening up by thorn and Baragund and Valya. Someday I may actually have to lift my sword in anger, and OH what a dark day that will be! We rescued Bean none the worse for wear but were unable to find Bearnabus. We shall have to look into this and find out what has happened. But that is for a day soon to come.


Throning_Karma faradhii

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