Champions of Bhumant

(Comte) Mind Rape

Who's a good Bearnabus???

In a rare time of peace I found myself sleeping. As I slept I dreamed. My dreams were unusual even for one so blessed as myself. In it I lept from place to place and only my solid will allowed me to survive attacks from dreamland. I found that I could shape this dream land using my immense intellect.

I saw my old friend Takeshi and simply KNEW that he would not hurt me and he did not. throughout the mind trip I heard Bearnabus saying “Look through” Eventually I succeeded and to my horror/amusement I found myself facing a succubi. I attempted to convert the succubi but to my immense chagrin she resisted my charms. She/It did NOT however, resist my blade.

As her lifeblood dripped from my blade I woke up to my friends around me who advised me that I had been “asleep” for 3 days.

What I took from this is that there is another realm outside our reality which I was just beginning to perceive……..


Throning_Karma faradhii

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