Champions of Bhumant

Comte: Last Absent Friend

How many times must we rescue people?

Once again we venture into the abyss to rescue one of our own. This time the Psychic Bear Bearnabus. Judged more worthy than the child/spy Bean he was being held by a lord of the flame demesne. Following paths shown to us my the mysterious wizard Dresden who imparted his knowledge to Graile we ventured forth into the paths between worlds. And once again we encountered the strange likeness to Takeishi that we had met before. I feel he is inextricably tied to our cause. As usual he proved his worth in aiding our endeavor. We fought our way through typical minor obstacles set before us by the ruler of this plane. finding ourselves before a large demonic being we proceeded to, as Dresden would say, “lay the smack down on him”. I sapped his vigor, Thorn & Swen shot him, our new companion the Nun Sister Mary J Wana smote him with heavenly force. In short order he fell before us.

Amazingly we found Bearnabus in fine health (98 roll out of 100) and proceeded to exit the area. For our next travel I would truly enjoy traveling to the capital of Bhumanti and presenting oursleves to the, reportedly, lovely and single queen of Bhumanti.


Throning_Karma faradhii

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