Champions of Bhumant

(Comte) Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

Which ole Witch?

Reports came in of people going missing in the forest near our town. Being that this is our town and our people should know that they are well cared for and protected our group ventured forth to track down the culprit. We found some weird tracks and followed them into the forest where we found, much to our surprise, a large snow man who chose to block our path! If that were not unusual enough the snowman had a stove pipe hat and a large carrot for a nose! Well it responded not to overtures of well being and peace so Swen blew it’s fool head off! Our new friend, the impetuous Altair, formed a small snowman and I placed the hat and carrot upon its personage after mixing in some snow from Graile. I cannot say I was totally surprised when the snow child came to life. I WAS surprised when it began to grow and learn at a geometric rate and I was shocked when it asked me to place the carrot in the “proper” location (though I approve on general terms, I mean If I had a choice between my nose and MY carrot I know which one I would choose!)

A short time later elves swarmed the rather violent Altair before I had a real chance to treat with them. Once they were driven off their master Kris Kringle in his red suit appeared and told us something of the witch and gave us items to combat her. We proceeded onward and found some giants which were very rude and had to be taught some manners. Valya landed a wonderful fiery blast which damn near blew the leg off of one of them! Inside the ginger bread cottage was, as suspected, an ugly witch. I tried to no avail to persuade her to leave. Thorn shot her squarely in the head and we administered a good beat down. I healed her up a bit and told her to go bother the Forlandians as they were such nice people. I’m pretty sure she agreed or at least fled and won’t bother us again.


Throning_Karma faradhii

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