Champions of Bhumant

Comte: Best day EVER!!!!

and I'm pretty sure the others had fun too!

So, did you ever have one of those days where everything goes right? Like the stars align to provide you with everything you not only wanted, but didn’t know you wanted until you had it? Well that’s my NORMAL day. THIS day was something special! My pure awesomeness somehow even rolled over to Swen, Baragund, Thorn and Zuchtengeist. Our barony expanded exponentially. I and Swen made good contacts with traders as well as visiting Nobles from Bhumanti (I made “special” contact with many of the attending Noble’s daughters (and a few wives and some of the younger mothers)) Baragund found a mentor in an Ancient Red Dragon that claims the Northern mountain range as his own (Boy, would Michael be PISSED!!!!) Thorn met a rather bedraggled Field Marshall of Swen’s acquaintance who comes begging favors (unfortunately Swen also got drunk and peed on the shoes of a Bhumanti Duke Wellington, I’m pretty sure the Duke would have had Swen drawn and quartered if he weren’t in our territory!) Oh, and to top it off, a Goddess has taken personal interest in my well being! (I’m fairly certain the Goddess is a sort of Aphrodite/Athena/Dionysius hybrid! She sent a very lovely messenger who I’m pretty sure was into me (though that part about me being dead soon was kind of troubling, I’ll have to look into that *side note, what does prolonged consumption of beverages exclusively from The Holy Graile do to one’s mortality?))


Throning_Karma faradhii

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