Champions of Bhumant

Comte: Battle's end and a jaunt to The Windy City

David read The Dresden Files! :)

After defeating Man Bear Pig I attempted to reconcile the Kenish army to accept their situation and surrender and swear allegiance to me. Unfortunately they simply wanted gold and didn’t want to earn it. Swen attempted to shoot the loudest & greediest protester and (he swears it was an accident!) instead shot me in the back of the head!! I doused myself with Graile in order to heal myself and the superstitious Kenish freaked out. At that point I gave up on converting them and we proceeded to terrorize them instead. Baragund burst into dragon form, Swen capped a few of them, Valya did an air burst and the army fled. Our Bhumanti visitors also left hastily advising us to simply mail the taxes from now on….

I fear their may be repercussions from this rather flamboyant display of power.

The next day we embarked through the portal on advice from our bartender sage to rescue Bearnabus. We sought a Sorceress named Margaret Lafey. While we did not find her, we did find another realm occupied by dark people with strange weapons. (I retained 5 of them on crossing the portal back. Rather unusual apparently). We also found her son, who imparted knowledge of “The Ways” into Grailes gem memory bank. We should now be able to begin the search for Bearnabus without marching through the demon held plane of fire.


Throning_Karma faradhii

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