Champions of Bhumant

Comte: Battle with Were's

Where Wolf? THERE wolf!

Today’s event’s are punctuated by our finding the pass leading to Thrond’s citadel in the mountains. He sent a rather dedicated band of were creatures to dissuade us from our pursuit of him. We easily beat off (no pun intended!) the first wave of them, honestly taking things more or less for granted. The last Were was hauled aloft by Baragund to be dropped into a crevase. Unfortunately this creature managed to teleport itself to the remains of its fellows and absorb them into itself creating some kind of proto were. What followed was basically a detente where we beat the werewolf bloody and it regenerated and fought on. I eventually used the hair of Sum Yung Guy and had it detain the were. The hair advised me that a sacrifice such as sacrificing Graile would suffice to kill the were. I immediately discounted such a measure as Graile is his own being, not simply some “item” to be bartered and/or sacrificed! In the end the hair held the were and we proceeded on to confront Thrond in his own element. A thought that, quite frankly, fills me with fear…… Also, the fact that the hair called Graile a “lesser item” really kinda ticks me off……. I mean, this is my friend here, even if he IS a cup…..


Throning_Karma faradhii

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