Champions of Bhumant

Comte: Battle of 2.5 Armies!

We paid TOO much taxes?

Our group was enjoying some well earned RnR when our scouts reported an army of 1000 Bhumanti troops coming towards us. I found out we had, indeed, paid our taxes on time and with a little extra thrown in as usual. Shortly thereafter we received reports of a Khenish Army of 2500 approaching our border. This might possibly signal an invasion!

Alas it was nothing so grandiose. The Bhumanti force were simply curious as to why we were paying such large taxes. The lords in charge were conv iced that i was telling the truth and also shocked to learn of the invading Khenish army. We invited them into the walls and arranged a parley with the leader of the Khenish force. It was not invasion but simple GREED that drove the Khenish to us. They had heard of our wealth and wanted to take it from us. This, of course, could not be allowed! In the midst of negotiation I splashed Graile on the leader and he converted to a Were Bear and began attacking us, much to the consternation of the other Khenish leader.

Though the fight was difficult, we were victorious not only in defeating the Man Bear Pig, but also in driving off both the Kennish forces as well as intimidating the Bhumanti into leaving early the next morning. And Swen shot me in the head. It hurt. He apologized.


Throning_Karma faradhii

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