Champions of Bhumant

(Comte) An old friend pays his respects.....

Assassins? Really?

The Baronet Le Douche is coming along nicely. We have a reasonable force at arms with which to patrol the countryside. The keep is fortified, the local forest is being felled to provide wood for palisades that will be converted to stone walls using stone from the local cliffs on the river.

The first craftsmen and women come trickling in hearing rumors of a place where coin can be made and a person is judged by the quality of their work rather than the accident of their breeding (that being said I am still heartily glad that my breeding is the finest!)

I know we are making progress when my old friend the High Prince sends a messenger to pay his respects. One of the assassin’s guild. I hope my reply to him is equally well received. Once we have built ourselves up enough I must arrange to buy patents of Bhumonti nobility, or perhaps wed the baroness if she would consent to a marriage of convenience (though she is a comely woman and I hold her in the highest regard I am certainly not ready to forgoe the pleasures of the flesh for those of ONE woman, no matter how attractive).

At some point our growth will attract the attention of the reigning body of Bhumonti. We must prepare for this so that we are the initiators rather than reacting to some tax collector or military governor……..


Throning_Karma faradhii

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