Champions of Bhumant

(Comte) All that and a Tiger Skin Rug!

Bad Fng Kitty!

A relatively short briefing from the Comte. We were simply seeking mines and/or locations of mineral deposits useful to our burgeoning town when we were set upon by an ENORMOUS tiger of epic magnitude. We tried to avoid engagement as it is not my bent to take innocent life, even those of animals, but to no avail. I Made my compatriot, Sven, Faster and better and he manged to wound the beast. then the pride of Tigresses lept out upon us. Fortunately our stalwart men were able to put he females down with relative ease. At the end of the battle thorn skinned the fell beast into an EPIC Tiger skin rug upon which many women will lose their virtue to my charms. Apparently this skin is priceless….. I shall have to research it’s value and see if it is actually worth selling…. For now it will remain a trophy. Life is good when you are rich, beautiful, powerful, and as epically wonderful as me!!!


Throning_Karma faradhii

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