Champions of Bhumant

Champions of Bhumant

Chapter 1

Rejected. Despised. Loathed. I have never been in a lower place in my life. My honor is lost. My life is meaningless. I have no purpose. Nothing left to try in my home country. They don’t want me there any more, and I don’t blame them. I have found myself captured, bound, and unnecessarily restrained by soldiers who captured myself and three others for no better reason than we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. These fools. I will not be treated like an animal, tossed in the back of a cart. I am not going to go silently, nor am I going to sit idly by while the only thing left to be in this world, my katana, is taken from me and given to some honorless peasant or lord. As soon as I get the chance, heads will roll.


Throning_Karma asderyno

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